Started by OpO1832, May 13, 2015, 11:01:49 PM

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PAC LAB closed which was a lab I and many others used to process 16mm and super8mm
i really miss that place!

However FILM is still better than digital. 

I shoot on film and love it. super8mm / 16mm/ and 35mm

There is a new super 8mm camera called the logmar or logmer - is 5 grand.....

I happy super 8mm is gettting a comeback but this camera is for people that do not know anything about super8mm first, the whole fucking idea of shooting super8mm and regular 16mm in my opinion is to PROJECT! so modifying your super 8mm camera to MAX8 is dumb I love black and white reversal film, it looks amazing projecting be it super8 or 16mm.

you don't need wifi or a video tap.

I would urge you all to get a film camera, you will have so much fun with a super8mm camera or 16mm. trust me and editing the film with a viewer and splicer is the like the greatest high you can get and the projecting your work after is the icing on the cake!