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trailer: not currently available
where is it out: xbox video (i didn't know that happens as its own thing)

the first gig i had in los angeles on a set. i was so consequential to the development of this movie that i'm not listed in the imdb section, and the person who hired me didn't hire again for the obvious reason that i was instantly great at working on a set

i had recently moved to los angeles and stayed with friends. i borrowed a pair of my friend's old dress shoes he was waiting to donate to goodwill, and i wore another friend's fancy banana republic khakis which he gave me and they didn't fit me so i couldn't button them. you could say my waist looked suspicious. i had shoe issues, pants issues, and a general lack of knowledge about how to work in my department

for ~3 days in oct 2011 i worked on, for example:
reinstalling the doors in this hallway to their hinges

so the hallway could have doors when they shot in the hallway. the hallway didn't already have doors installed, but there were doors present and scattered in other rooms around the hospital. the hospital isn't any longer a real hospital, it's an old one that's rentable for movies and etc. i collected the doors and reinstalled them

the co-directors have made two other movies together:
my tiny universe
my dubious sex drive

one director has edited a variety of movies:
con air
little dieter needs to fly (!!)
tomb raider
twixt (!?!)
andbut it seems he often works with an editing team, i wonder why

movie's imdb page:

i recommend you watch the movie if and how you want to because they hired me and that's the business

for the tread, i'd like to hear set stories


it doesn't get much better than This


indeed. 72teeth is a talented storyteller, and two people here are part of the story. home run

my story involved the buttons of my pants, and the unguessable particulars of the co-director's career. i'd like to hear someone else's story, any story. no rules. i like any story


was asked on wednesday to travel with my tried/true dp and steadicam operator to san luis obispo on saturday. a shooting mission. there was an alexa for the day, following their production job. the alexa is the dp's favorite camera to use. its next release the dp wants to buy and use all the time, because of its duplicate sensor and upgrades in lightness and shoulder mounting. other improvements were mentioned and i heard camera people call the upcoming model form "doc style"

went and did that. for the people. for the experience. the camera is used in melancholia, abe lincoln: vamp hunter, in time, hugo, and skyfall. roger deakins used it twice, i mean.

it was the steadicam op's story and a co-direction. two actors. the crew of us three met friday night in a diner to discuss the shoot. various scenes were mentioned as necessary to build toward a final steadicam shot that involves a murder. kind of like film school. i'd say it's a thriller. i said this and that and went home and late into the night i watched 88's the vanishing and scenes from chabrol's the butcher

the way to get the final scene was a production goal for the day and, despite it not being what i'd write and not becoming designed the way i myself would design it, scenes were targeted for the goal. i searched for thriller tones like rocks and the ocean and mountains. kinda used joseph losey's the prowler aesthetic. it rained for ~20secs during a shot where a person cried, that was cool, seemed liked the character motivated the world to cry with her, in southern california for ~20secs

i stayed up late and phone messaged the sleeping dp photos/videos from the vanishing and the butcher. one shot from the vanishing we ended up altering and using. i uploaded the vanishing shot to share here, it's funny because this is what i sent and it's a bad photo of a television and i chop the frame

i would've made the whole thing like a 70s french thriller. that's also what i said friday night. but it didn't turn out to be executed that way, as opinions were shared. i did however structure the final scene in a way that echoes portions of the stabbing scene in the butcher. the scene's steadicam shot is long and interesting, slightly hypnotic

fun adventure day

i thought by today the abducted trailer would be available. it's not. accepted into a los angeles fantasy film festival, i'd have to search my email for the festival's name, but i sense the production is pleased with its entry. what'll motivate a trailer, idk, why isn't there already a trailer, seems like a trailer could be edited by now


mmk you ready for the abducted trailer? the link works now, and for some reason it takes you to another site with the trailer, which i can't embed, but because i know what it looks like i found it on youtube:

you get to see pipes i installed and dressed and doors i painted. it's on dvd from eone, which i just learned is the new name for koch-lorber. i'm going to quote the amazon user review because who else am i going to quote

QuoteAn alien abduction/experimentation film
By wade
Format:Amazon Instant Video|Amazon Verified Purchase
Watched this film several days ago, and thought that i would write a review of it. The storyline was a little confusing as to what the aliens were and why they were using the young couples for their experiments. The filming was alright, and most of the film took place in an abandoned old storage/warehouse. Most of the filming was done in a darker setting and the mood was somewhat claustrophobic. the actors and actresses did a fantastic job of their lines and roles. the actresses were very attractive, and did most of their scenes while barely dressed. One thing that i found amusing was that more and more of the horror films feature actors using cell phones inside buildings and out in the boonies. when they are able to get reception they make really stupid calls and are always unable to get any help. This movie had several scenes where you have to wonder as to why they could not free themselves early in the game. This movie i am sure would be liked by both guys and gals, very suspenseful, scary, and a little on the gory side.


That looks really well done, actually. I would totally watch that.
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Looks good Jenk!  I'm gonna amazon stream that soon!
it's not the wrench, it's the plumber.


postponed from certain personal and exciting potentials, i'll share the short i made after december. a real bummer to miss everyone's emotional holiday vibes. anyway, later the animal will fly. it's a tiny flying animal that i can't wait to share. i wonder what that will be like. a person here has seen it, four people have seen its trailer (the short has a trailer, and idk why someone would make a trailer for a short, so we made one) and within a month or so it'll roll in here for mysterious conversation


was nice to revisit. i miss things. give today a 6/10. not bad

the update on my previously mentioned short is everyone was waiting around for sxsw, chatter had made it seem like sxsw was interested, then sxsw wasn't interested. that bummed everyone else more than me. most of the crew has already arrived at sxsw in various capacities. what bums me is the long long pause. for what?!? nobudge is ready. i'm ready. tbh -- tbh section -- sxsw bummed me too, but you know i can't get bummed bc then everyone else gets ultra bummed. right now there's another pause about another thing. you can pm me for info if you want it. others have. i'd share it here but it'd be creepy vimeo data

another short i co-wrote was shot last week on an alexa, a red one, various webcams, and iphones. same dp and editor i use, and a good longtime friend directed. there's an animation sequence i'm particularly excited about, since i got to write an animation sequence. i'd guess three months for the edit and animation to be finished