Psychotropic Sunrise

Started by Alexandro, May 05, 2013, 07:43:55 PM

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Gracias mil!!!!

y oye wey no se si notaste, pero tu foto profil 'ta broken ~


Quote from: Alexandro on May 23, 2021, 06:53:11 PM
I forgot... but we also did Road to Roma, the Roma making of which you can stream on netflix as well.
I was lucky enough to be on that set for one day, which was... well, awesome.
check it out if you haven't.

that's cool!

Quote from: Alexandro on May 23, 2021, 06:53:11 PM
All right guys, I'll send the link.

it's so well-made, you know. like if I was a guy sitting around thinking making docs was easy and you barely had to do anything and I saw this I'd feel shook. then just the whole thing is nicely packaged

this is a western-wide shift in perspective and it represents at least two things 1 the internet has happened, of course, but less often mentioned 2 global culture existed before the internet. although the doc helps me learn who these people in the photo are the general nature of the room is known to me beforehand. because the idea of what literature means and what an intellectual means and the entire hierarchy of cultural possibility is as known to me as it was to them and everyone back when. the doc mentions the greeks because they're the cradle of western civilization. and the internet is its own cradle

not that public intellectuals don't still exist, but the role of public intellectuals has shifted within western culture. although two specific events in Mexican history are discussed as harbingers of this change, it seems to have happened everywhere, the same conclusion by different means

and thus I liked what the doc was talking about. seems like a pretty big deal to make this, based on your ex-pres participant who dishes the goods regarding himself, Clinton, Castro and Marquez. congrats on the win. great ending, too. first of all this guy represents like the finest parts of being human

then a fine exit line


Y ahora con AMLO, la gente hasta lo extra├▒a ...  :doh:

'El capitalismo de cuates, de compadres ~ '


Guys, I've been really busy. But thanks for your kind words.
Hope you find time to check all the other stuff, particularly I'm no longer here.