Started by Alexandro, April 29, 2013, 11:02:40 AM

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I didn't know exactly where to start this thread. Felt this was the best spot to do so.

I've been vert busy lately with a couple of things, both very important.
The first one is a new project I have, as one of the partners in a development agency for tv and film contents. It's called Bengala and we are opening sometime next month. We have a bunch of projects right now and, since we are all actively working in the mexican "industry", there are great possibilities of a few of those to come to fruition soon. What we do is, as the description states, development. We take projects in infancy and polish them and turn them into great screenplays and find a director and a producing company for them. We basically make the package so that a bigger company feels compelled to invest it's time and resources on a project that is ready to be produced.

Anyway we are just starting up, and we know that somewhere along the line we will need new people to work on this projects, from other countries too. Screenwriters, directors, actors, cinematographers, the whole spectrum. So, basically I'm here to ask all of you who are already actively working in film or tv (or those who aren't but will and have something to show like a script, a short film, etc.) and those who have projects of your own who somehow might fit into a coproduction with mexico or latinamerican countries, to please send me your personal contact info, capacity and, if you feel necessary, some sample of your work. This goes for everyone, the ones that are already working at full steam, the petes, kals, ghostboys...and all the rest of us that might be just starting. You never know. I want your emails and contact info so we can send our own information to you and start a communication...

So...anyone who is interested please email me at
and add me to facebook while you're at it :)