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i was just playing with "I expected the cops to kick my door in and drag me away for watching this" etc


he directed an animal collective music video

funny to read the ac fans complain in the youtube comments, e.g. "Actually, they hired a really good director. This video's just shit for some reason."


haha what a piece of shit. both song and video. maybe that's what he's trying to say, "this is as interesting as this song gets". haha

between this and the nick cave video he seems to be making an effort to not waste good ideas on videos no one's gonna see or care about. the other one was at least a good song. i don't blame him, he's approaching them purely like a commercial. there's no point in giving too much of yourself to what is essentially an advertisement for a product, nick cave himself has talked this way when discussing his music videos.

the worst thing you can do is end up using your best ideas on a stupid video, like michel gondy did. now look at him. no, gaspar is in survival mode here.
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i think they're good ideas. they're just not big ideas. he doesn't spend as much time developing them as feature films, obvs

this seems like another skillful marriage of aesthetics to me. ac totally loses most people, and here noe makes another video that totally loses most people, including ac people. successfully outside the box on all fronts, i think

the video -- it's nonstop popping colors, with big lips eating fruit. what the fuck does a guy gotta do to please you people


Quote from: trashculturemutantjunkie on January 29, 2013, 08:10:27 PM
he doesn't spend as much time developing them as feature films, obvs

there's no correlation between spending a lot of time developing an idea and the quality of that idea. i gave gondry as an example of someone who seems to benefit from NOT having that much time. even if we accept that the one flimsy idea in these 4 minute videos is GOOD, it's still lazy and unoriginal to let it go on that long.  i love gaspar noe, he's one of the greatest heroes of our time, but i can't deny these videos are boring and the artists paying for them are getting ripped off.

Quote from: trashculturemutantjunkie on January 29, 2013, 08:10:27 PM
what the fuck does a guy gotta do to please you people

make something i couldn't pull out of my own ass.
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i can't figure out how to beat you with words, but i think you're wrong


This seems more like the kind of thing that would get projected behind the band while they play live as opposed to an actual video. I've been seeing a lot of glorified visualizations being passed off as "Music Videos" and I don't really see the problem with it. The MTV culture has waned so having a perfectly compressed short film to accompany the marketing of a single seems less and less necessary, which should open the doors for more creativity and less focus on album sales.

That said, this is super lazy.
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Could also have something to do with a general tendency of music video budgets getting lower and lower since about a decade or so. It wouldn't surprise me if Noé is simply unable to think in terms of no-budget creativity. If there's no money for cranes, sexy people, trippy vfx and proper cinematography, what's he got left? Flashing colors and vague sexual allusions.


I love animal collective (not so much this latest album) and I love gaspar noe. but this video is pretty uninspired and boring.
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If someone is looking for inspired music video done by Gaspar, check Protege Moi by Placebo:

And yes, there are naked people (enough to ban this video from youtube), flickering lights and whole thing is one long take. Surprised that other music clips look boring? I've hard times imaging anything interesting from Noe that can be played on television in prime time.

Reminds me how great interviews are with him. When asked if he will/can make movie without explicit sex, answers definitely not. Two questions later, what genre he would like to explore? Answer is film for children and of course audience explodes with laughter. Shame I can't find this specific Q&A.

I found this instead, Q&A for Enter the Void taken in Germany, but English is used language (very loose quotation, just to give idea).
- Where you looked for inspiration?
- Amazonian rain forest - taken drugs there to get inspiration.

Other than that it is hard to find good interview with him in English. Most of them are in Spanish and French. What is even more interesting is his accent. As far I know, his parents moved to Huston in Texas, when he was young. Supposedly he even had very strong southern accent, which he changed after moving to Europe.
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Sky Ferreira Shares Explicit Cover Art for Night Time, My Time, Shot by Gaspar Noé
via Pitchfork

Sky Ferreira has been using her Instagram account to share details of her upcoming debut album Night Time, My Time. She's posted short clips of "I Blame Myself", "Night Time, My Time", "Heavy Metal Heart", and "Omanko". Today she's shared the album art, above, which was shot by filmmaker Gaspar Noé, who has directed such films as Enter the Void and Irréversible and music videos for the likes of Animal Collective and Nick Cave.

According to Ferreira's post, the image above is an "(instasafe crop)" of the cover. Update: Check out the unedited version, below, which may be unsuitable for certain work environments.

This is the first album cover Noé has shot.

She is 21 according to Wikipedia.
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Ed Lachman and Gaspar Noé
via Filmbook

I had the pleasure of seeing these distinguished filmmakers at Ed's chic opening at Marie-Dominique Toussaint's Galerie Cinema in Paris. Ed is exhibiting frame blow-ups from his movies & collages.

Gaspar agreed that Lars von Trier's upcoming Nymphomaniac seems like it will be more disturbing than sexy. Gaspar says that he will finally shoot his own pornographic film in the spring of 2014, and that unlike von Trier's movie, there will be no prosthetics or body doubles.
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(after saying it was his intention, about four years ago, following enter the void)