Perry King - the King of Camp

Started by soixante, January 13, 2005, 12:24:51 AM

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Perry King has perhaps the campiest filmography of any actor that I can think of.

In 1975, he starred in Mandingo, a sexploitation variant on Gone With The Wind.  Mandingo was the Gigli of 1975.  In 1976, King appeared in Lipstick, a female variant on Death Wish featuring a brutally extended rape scene.  Lipstick was the Gigli of 1976.  In 1977, King was part of the ensemble cast of that immortal classic, The Choirboys, about the after hours antics of hard-drinking sex-crazed LAPD officers.  The Choirboys was the Gigli of 1977.  Or maybe it was the Freddie Got Fingered of 1977.  In 1978, Perry co-starred in A Different Story, which chronicled the unlikely love story of a gay man and a lesbian who "cure" themselves of their respective homosexuality by falling in love.  King also appeared in such campy 70's movies as Lords of Flatbush (co-starring with The Fonz and Stallone), The Wild Party (co-starring with Raquel Welch in the campiest Merchant-Ivory film ever) and also in Andy Warhol's Bad, another exercise in bad taste and camp.

King has mainly worked in TV ever since, which includes his stint on the Emmy Award-winning Melrose Place.
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