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I guess he's been that way since his brother passed. :yabbse-undecided:


When Herzog Rescued Phoenix

During the social media Q&A for his film My Son, My Son, What Have Ye Done?, director Werner Herzog fielded a question from fellow director David Lynch. Lynch asked Herzog via Twitter to tell the story about the time he saved the life of actor Joaquin Phoenix near the director's home. First Look Studios, who hosted the event, was later approached by animator Sascha Ciezata about producing an animated short  using audio from the interview. When Herzog Rescued Phoenix was posted to Youtube this past Monday, September 13th. The short relates in cutesy style what surely must have been a harrowing experience for everyone involved, a feeling that is reinforced by Herzog's matter-of-fact voiceover. I do wonder if it was really a Prius that Joaquin creamed with his Camaro, though. Hit the jump to see the clip, as well as the original Herzog interview.


It's like Herzog's movies -- you wonder if he's in on the joke or not. Real life troll or just clueless?
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Joaquin Phoenix Rumored to Be Joining the Marvel Cabal as 'Doctor Strange'

^news around the internet. how's everyone feel? i feel annoyed but i know my annoyance can't stop what's happening. comics are billion-dollar movies and this is a big deal for people to discuss during their work breaks, like if he'd joined a tv show instead. what can ya do? it's nbd and treasure coins for the hunters



If this makes anyone feel better, it doesn't even sound like a superhero movie:

"According to Marvel Comics mythology, former neurosurgeon Doctor Stephen Strange is one of the most powerful sorcerers in existence. He draws his abilities from the invocation of powerful mystic objects, the manipulation of the universe's ambient magical energy and his own psychic resources. Strange's magical repertoire includes energy projection and manipulation, matter transformation, animation of inanimate objects, teleportation, illusion-casting, mesmerism, thought projection, astral projection, dimensional travel, time travel and mental possession; though the full range of his abilities is unknown. The character has graced comic book pages for over 50 years, was featured in a direct-to-video animated film and has appeared across several Marvel cartoon series."


Oh okay good it's set in real life


Joaquin Phoenix won't be playing Marvel's 'Doctor Strange'
by EW

Well, it was strange while it lasted. But those hoping to see Joaquin Phoenix channel his searing screen intensity into waves of psychedelic magic in Marvel Studios' upcoming Doctor Strange movie can hang their heads in disappointment.

The Oscar-nominated actor and the movie multi-verse pioneers have failed to come to an agreement, and now director Scott Derrickson and Co. are looking for a new actor to fill the good doctor's high-collared cape.

Phoenix, who reunited with The Master director Paul Thomas Anderson in the upcoming noir-satire Inherent Vice, had been Marvel's first choice for the part, but three months of negotiations with William Morris Endeavor have ended with neither side willing to commit, sources close to the talks tell EW.

Although there are rumors Ethan Hawke, who previously worked with Derrickson on the horror flick Sinister, may be a candidate for the role, that is nowhere near a done deal, sources say.

It was a gamble to reach for an actor like Phoenix, who tends to avoid big-budget blockbusters in favor of offbeat and intimate stories such as Her and the self-mocking mockumentary I'm Still Here. Joining up with the Marvel Cinematic Universe often means agreeing to appear in other titles, such as the Avengers series, which is a lot of commitment without much control.

Face front, true believers! This will be a mere bump in Doctor Strange's journey to the screen. While other directors, such as Guillermo del Toro and Wes Craven, have seen projects collapse, Marvel Studios is devoted to making a cinematic version of artist Steve Ditko and writer Stan Lee's 1963 comic book creation.

As Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige told EW last year: "I would love Strange to be a part of [the Marvel Cinematic Universe] only because he's a great character. He's a great standalone character," Feige emphasizes. "He's got a great origin story, for the most part. And that world of pure magic, we haven't done yet. There's a whole supernatural/magic alternate dimension going on in the Marvel comics that we haven't ever touched on."
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This is great news! More time for the next PT adventure!
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Quote from: SeanMalloy on October 03, 2014, 07:52:29 AM
This is great news! More time for the next PT adventure!

Would love for PT/Joaq to become the new school Marty/Bob.
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Pozer already reported this news back in July. Three posts greater than McG's

max from fearless

After Inherent Vice.....pigs.....