John C. at Silverlake Film Festival

Started by TheVoiceOfNick, September 14, 2003, 01:27:43 PM

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Hey everyone, i'm back after a little absence... anyways, I was at the Silverlake Film Festival last night for John C. Reilly's award presentation and to see Frank's Book and Hard Eight on the big screen.  I must say that it was a really enjoyable evening.  He put his hands in the cement in front of the theater and I was there front row.  I shook his hand (before he put his hands in) and took some pictures.  Here's one of the pictures I took.  Hope you all like it.  Then we all went to Tangier, a place in Silverlake where all of the Hollywood wanna-bes hang out... it was ok, but my group was getting hit on by members of the opposite sex... the number one question for the women: are you an actress? (puuuleese!), and the number one question for the guys: are you a director? (gggrrrr!)... I guess if you go to places like that, you should expect that.  Anyways, it was really fun, and I also got to see Jennifer Jason Leigh give the Silverlake Spirit Award to John.


P.S.  Here is one of the photos I took. (check out of the links on the site too if you get a chance).


Jhon C. looks as a veeeeeeeeeeeery nice guy...
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