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Started by polkablues, January 24, 2003, 02:41:14 PM

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grand theft sparrow

Quote from: Gamblor Posts DrunkIt's not that I don't believe he can't portray MacBeth and his rise and fall properly, I think PSH is a great actor. MacBeth has to be able to fight MacDuff, he has to be stately, he just doesn't look like the part.

And yes, he'd have to lose some weight to pull it off. I love PSH, but it all sounds strange, and besides, MacGuffin has not even replied back yet. And this is the JC thread.

Bear in mind that Todd Louiso directed "The 15 Minute Hamlet" (also starring PSH) which was pretty amusing, so that could be what they're going for, that kind of faithful in spirit but tongue-in-cheek in execution type of film.


No talk of the Jennifer Connelly on a pier phenomenon?

Dark City

Requiem for a Dream

House of Sand and Fog

All of the directors claim it was a coincidence, how could that be? One must've seen Dark City and then the other saw Requiem for a Dream. I mean, I know you guys are aware of it, but...discuss


The answer is sex.

It's all about dat ass, and a pier ain't nothin' but a wooden land boner extended into the waters.

Jeremy Blackman

I think the Dark City pier was a coincidence, because it was in the script, and the writer hadn't seen Requiem. That's right, isn't it? I remember that from something. It's a good story.


I'm sure it was pointed out ten years ago when that all happened.

I think Dark City was a reference to La Jetee, Requiem could also be an homage to that since he randomly ripped from all kinds of films (Kurosawa, perfect blue, mean streets), and house of fog was a one hit indie wonder so the dude could have just been continuing the trend to get some cred.
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