Gregory Peck R.I.P

Started by MacGuffin, June 12, 2003, 01:00:40 PM

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Quote from: themodernage02if only the top two threads were reversed.   then it would truly be a just and fair world.


:: gets to work building a statue of her Ass that will stand proudlly in the bronx::


it will be at 1:1 scale and towering over 30 feet high and stretching over 2 1/2 city blocks.
Christopher Nolan's directive was clear to everyone in the cast and crew: Use CGI only as a last resort.


Quote from: themodernage02it will be at 1:1 scale and towering over 30 feet high and stretching over 2 1/2 city blocks.

ya know how morrisons grave has become a shrine, this will be the same. puerto rican girls from all over will come by and drop off pantys :: sheds a tear:: God bless you J lo, and god bless your big sweet huge ass


An essay on Peck by Richard Corliss in the back page of today's Time.

I didn't know that Rock Hudson was the preferred choice for Atticus, nor that Peck was on Nixon's "Enemies" list.[/i]
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"Lacan stressed more and more in his work the power and organizing principle of the symbolic, understood as the networks, social, cultural, and linguistic, into which a child is born. These precede the birth of a child, which is why Lacan can say that language is there from before the actual moment of birth. It is there in the social structures which are at play in the family and, of course, in the ideals, goals, and histories of the parents. This world of language can hardly be grasped by the newborn and yet it will act on the whole of the child's existence."

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