Shia LaBeouf must be stopped!

Started by GodDamnImDaMan, June 10, 2003, 05:15:01 PM

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Watching He Will Not Divide Us. Group of five demonstrators in their early-20s. A moment after I tuned in one of them, a young woman, stops chanting and looks at her phone, looks up and says "How long do you guys want to stay here?" Another stops. "Yeah, let's go." These two hug, then the first young woman awkwardly hugs a third young woman. The third young woman says "It was nice meeting you."

A few minutes later they were listening to Beyoncé and a guy in a monkey onesie was dancing in the background and nobody was saying "He will not divide us."


it's amazing to me. i adore it. etc.

i discovered it last night around 1am here, so 4am nyc, and i didn't know it was a live stream or anything, i just went there and it was a blank screen, then there was a [long interesting story], which somehow felt fully orchestrated.

currently there's been a woman loudly chanting He Will Not Divide Us for several hours. sometimes her chanting voice becomes strained, but she always snaps it back into action. the crowd size shifts. it's currently semi-massive.


Past five minutes it's been a series of teenagers taking pictures of the camera, which looks like they're taking pictures of me.
Guy in the background eating a muffin. No one saying "He will not divide us."


Labeouf himself just made an appearance.


to rewind some previously expressed particulars: to me it's Humans of New York live on the internet, it's people-watching from the computer (which i always wanted), and on top of that there's a message

Shia Labeouf has again and again and again made appearances today and yesterday. he's getting things going. i think he's doing a fabulous job. he's laying the template. he's showing how to keep the chant going. Drenk has called the chant "unnerving." that's true. but on top of that it wants to be unending. 4 years. 8 years if they gotta. hating Shia is legit but he's expressing the fight my friends.

in this instance, which occurred while i was typing this post, a man was saying into the camera "We want to ensure the existence of the white race..." and Shia came and screamed into his face He Will Not Divide Us:

as far as i can tell they may have been friendly and that was maybe a demonstrative event. but also after that, once the group had dispersed, a lone teenager reflected upon the human nature of emotions, ending of course with He Will Not Divide Us. it's a camera in public, i simply adore what it causes people to do.

mainly teenagers are in front of the camera. it's a new thing, it's the weekend, bam. while watching this i realize many of the qualities i think of as common human qualities are common human qualities. it's just human to flip your shit when you see a dog or baby. that's just how it is. maybe because of God, maybe just because of dogs and babies. it is real.

sometimes teenagers are huddled in groups doing no particular thing but waiting for something to happen. there's a "tension" and/or a "vibe" in the atmosphere around the camera. it's sometimes noted upon by a camera person. i adore what can sometimes happen. one person will come to the camera and say He Will Not Divide Us. then another will. then another will. it happens again and again and it's fucking beautiful. here's a semi-famous music festival example of this nature phenomenon, which is related to the herd mentality, but it's a beautiful expression of it:

people like coming together, and i like when they do it to dance, and/or to chant He Will Not Divide Us. oh there's been dancing. clapping and dancing and singing. what happens is once the chanting has been going on for a while, the rhythm of the chant will be modified to help everyone enjoy themselves more. a person will break out into a solo singing moment (always meant with tremendous enthusiasm by the onlookers). a circle will be made (sometimes hands are held, for example when the cops arrive at night owing to noise violations [it's the city, across the street from the museum are apartments, sadface]) and a person will perform in the center. the circle always collapse inward and people end of together in a group which scatters based on certain factors.

there have been about four recurring citizens who have played major roles, two of them teenagers. while typing this post a new dance party occurred, led by one of them. Shia is gone now. things are going fine, except after the dance party the lead teenager said "my voice is getting tired" while shuffling about, no one saying He Will Not Divide Us right then.

another common characteristic is the person of any age who stands in front of the camera looking at their phone, then the person tends to approach the camera either to give a shout out to a friend or family member, say He Will Not Divide Us, or take a photo of them in front of the camera on the wall. sometimes people advertise this or that. there was the man with the fundraising sign related to the death of his wife in Central Park and his desire to buy her a bench for dedication.

the timegap between reality and the camera is 30 seconds, which some people demonstrated last night. i've heard on the first day the highest viewing count was 500k, and now it fluctuates around 1.5k viewers. of course i heard it's popular in Moscow.

everyone was quiet at the end of me tying this post, except then Shia returned to begin chanting He Will Not Divide Us, now they're clapping and there's a semi-massive group assembled, i believe someone might be holding the Swedish flag in the background


the same two people has been there for hours now. one of them looking like shia himself and another one who probably think he is. I've missed a few hours because I was watching prison break, so can someone please fill me in on what I missed? I think he made a move on her before but i'm not sure. will this be on netflix?

edit: lol, the real shia just showed up. the fake shia missed his chance, the poor lad...


Don't get me wrong; I think this is beautiful.

A black man is now debating white nationalism with a group of early-20s red pill dudes and they're standing in the rain.

Fuzzy Dunlop

Damn, looks like my man Shia got arrested this morning...


QuoteThe arrest itself appeared to be caught on the live-stream.




I get an immense amount of pleasure from this video


I was first introduced to this stream through Jenkins big post about it, watched the video of him screaming in that guys ear and thought his antics were getting out of hand. In fact, I think the entire idea behind repeating that mantra is very stupid and accomplishes nothing. The concept is great, though. To have a public outlet for people to speak their minds and come together when they otherwise wouldn't. There must have been experiments like this before, but not on such a scale. When I first heard the stream would be up for 4 years, I assumed Shia was literally going to be there all the time, just like he sat through every one of his movies. "So he's trying to be David Blaine now?" I thought. It's a huge relief that is not the case. The camera will be live for 4 years and you're welcome to say "He will not divide us" as long as you wish, and smart people have used that as a loophole to turn it into a forum for their own discussions, self promotion, and general tom foolery. That is the crux of where this project becomes very meaningful to me. We're spending way too much time debating these issues over the internet. Everyone in our generation ( Millenials and a few X'ers here) has to admit that the internet has fundamentally changed how our lives are socially constructed. Largely in positive ways, but the biggest drawback is the lack of human interaction it fosters. This creates an opportunity for everyday people to hash these things out in public with nowhere to hide, which we seem to be so desperately in need of right now. Real discussion and debate with Real people in Real time. In that sense, I'm once again in awe of Shia's ingenuity. His last installation also rubbed me the wrong way first, but had an unexpected effect, as you can read here

Jeremy Blackman

Great points. And honestly, now, it's hard for me to understand why I ever hated Shia LaBeouf. Seeing him in Nymphomaniac and the Sia video was like a one-two punch that redeemed him for me. And now his other ambitions seem less trite. I might even have to revisit the Sigur Ros video. Certainly hasn't been a more interesting Disney Star.