Billy Bob Thornton

Started by Tiff, June 09, 2003, 11:21:34 PM

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Couldn't find better place for it.

One False Move and Sling Blade are films I would recommend to anyone. They are both set in rural areas and have simple plots. Characters have simple goals, which drive them one way or another toward resolutions that are morally ambiguous.

Anything else directed by Bob worth seeing? 
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I don't have any recommendations, haven't seen anything he's directed. But while you're on a Billy Bob kick give this a shot, it's the performance I most remember him for, and it will make your skin crawl:


Quote from: Mel on June 05, 2014, 03:38:27 AM
Anything else directed by Bob worth seeing? 

I haven't seen anything else he's directed, but he's done 3 others- All The Pretty Horses, Daddy and Them, and Jayne Mansfield's Car. None of them seem very interesting based on their synopsis, but He's been talking about Mansfield forever and it kind of came and went so I'd like to see what that's about...someday.

If you're looking for more classic Bill, check out Sam Raimi's "A Simple Plan". Hands down, his best performance after Sling Blade. Even though I haven't been watching, I'm really happy to see "Fargo" give him the opportunity to be a great actor again. Speaking of Coen's "The Man Who Wasn't There" is his third best.


Will happily second Reelist's recommendation of Simple Plan and MWWT. He's also really good in the movie version of Friday Night Lights. Can't wait to see the Fargo TV show once it's on Netflix or something, I've purposefully stayed out of the thread on here, but been hearing really good things regardless.
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U-Turn's a pretty bad film, but Billy Bob's great in it. Joaquin has a really fun small part also. Worth stealing just to fast forward to their scenes.