Nic Cage - NEVER afraid to go over the edge

Started by modage, June 06, 2003, 03:28:53 PM

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It looks like what they use to test for color blindness.
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I made a wallpaper:

Download here

It's like a Magic Eye poster where the hidden image is a brain tumor.
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Fairly amazing compilation of Nic Cage going nuts:
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Fairly amazing compilation of Nic Cage going nuts:

i agree with the comments on youtube that the music wasn't needed, but man i was laughing my balls off.
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For me, the music makes it perfect. I'm a little bored of the general Nicolas Cage rant. Most of his unintentional hilarity is funny for a day, but the music makes me think I am watching a weird opera of Nicolas Cage freak outs. The editing of the scenes to fit the music was pretty good too.


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I'm a little bored of the general Nicolas Cage rant that piece of music being used for everything.



Saw Deadfall which is way worse than The Wicker Man. Cage steals the movie though, without him, I doubt this would even been made. Unfortunately he doesn't have that much screen time Id hope for because he gets sort french fried by the lead character. But his wig, phony nose and stache is hilarious. I don't laugh at him but laugh with him. I can really understand why David Lynch cast him in Wild At Heart.

Vampires Kiss is a little bit better but as strange as the other one. Deadfall is probably the 90s answer to Plane 9 from outer space. Cage sports a weird english accent which he only does when hes not going insane. The ABCDEF scene in particular is one particular moment. One particular thing I really liked is that Cages character hooks up with afro american hot women. Me likey.

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Nic Cage's 'Worst Movie Ever' Arrives This Weekend

Nicholas Cage has starred in plenty of questionable Hollywood fodder. But, really, why is he starring in what apparently looks like a under-budget Uwe Boll video-game adaption? Season of the Witch, directed by Dominic Sena (Gone In Sixty Seconds) has bewildered Cage fans, critics and general audiences about the conceit of the title: what is it? A medieval action-adventure? A comedy reedited as a thriller? An elaborate trick on the American moviegoing population? Gawker's Max Read condensed the general sentiment nicely: "I can never remember if I am supposed to like Nicolas Cage sincerely and enjoy his movies ironically, or like him ironically and not enjoy his movies at all?"

Nearly all reviewers can't figure that out either. Nevertheless, for those insistent on seeing this movie, here's five reasons that--if you squint hard--can be seen as arguments in favor of paying to see Season of the Witch in theaters:

1. It Appears To Use Leftover Sets From Monty Python and the Holy Grail  Sure, likening sets from a 2011 medieval action-adventure film to a 1970's British sketch comedy isn't exactly a ringing endorsement of Witch, and that's probably why The New York Post's Kyle Smith gave a scathing one-and-half star review to the Nicolas Cage flick. But look at it this way: fans of the "rickety rope bridge spanning a bottomless chasm" from Holy Grail will be delighted to know that a similar "rotting string of planks" makes a dubious appearance in the film. And, after squinting again, perhaps you'll read Smith's exhortation to "heed the timeless advice of its ancestor 'Holy Grail'--run away!" as merely recommending viewers to wait until the DVD arrives.

2. The Epitome of a Movie Both 'Overblown and Undercooked'  Because, really, haven't you wondered what both of those descriptors mean in film reviews? Season of the Witch appears to be a title uniquely suited to unravel the meaning of the terms "overblown" and "undercooked." Courtesy of Variety's Andrew Barker we learn that Witch is both "too inert for midnight-movie schadenfreudists, and not nearly competent enough for even the most forgiving of fantasy fans." Ah, well, that would appear to rule out point number 3:

3. It's 'Get Him to the Greek Meets Lord of the Rings Filtered Through Uwe Boll's Hack-Tastic Brain' Got that? Which means that, yes, this would appear to be a well-suited film to be watching on late-night TV. But movie reviewers seem to be shying away from agreeing "it's so bad that it's good," with's Jen Yamato explicitly making that disclaimer in her assessment of the regrettable title. Still, "there are flying zombie monks! Uwe would be proud," Yamato quips.

4. 'The Screenplay Is Like a Transcription of a Dungeons and Dragons Session' "Better hope you make a high saving throw during the wolf attack in Wormwood Forest!," writes Flick Filosopher's MaryAnn Johanson, referencing the fantasy role-playing game. Unintentional Monty Python echoes also appear in Johnson's review: "The 'performances' are like clueless imitations of Monty Python by actors who don't understand comedy...Witch is, however, par for the course for director Dominic Sena (Whiteout, Swordfish), who seems incapable of making movies that aren't both unpleasantly preposterous and mind-numbingly boring."

5. This Is the Film That Inspired a Prominent Critic To Write 'Die, Monster, Die' In Response  Rolling Stone's Peter Travers, never one to mince his words, wrote a humorous evisceration of Witch that includes this notable conclusion: "Trust me, it's as bloodless as a starved vampire. Instead of a review, it deserves a stake in the heart. Die, monster, die."
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lol. He's so odd looking. His best haircut was the Kaufman. What is that - a perm?
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Eh.. I don't know, it seems like you could do that with any actor that has been around and in as many roles as him.  He changes his hair with each movie to fit the role.  He just started to bald like most men.


Actor Nicolas Cage arrested in New Orleans

This booking photo released by Orleans Parish Sheriff's Office shows actor Nicolas Cage Saturday, April 16, 2011 in New Orleans. Authorities say Cage AP – This booking photo released by Orleans Parish Sheriff's Office shows actor Nicolas Cage Saturday, April ...

NEW ORLEANS – Authorities say actor Nicolas Cage has been arrested in New Orleans on charges of domestic abuse battery and disturbing the peace.

The Orleans Parish Sheriff's office says Cage was booked into the Orleans Parish Prison at 11:30 a.m. Saturday.

Cage has been a frequent visitor to New Orleans, where he has owned property and shot movies in the past.

New Orleans police did not immediately disclose details about his arrest. An agent for Cage did not immediately return a phone call Saturday.