Bryan Cranston (also, Writer's Block by Brandon Polanco)

Started by ono, November 13, 2013, 12:29:50 AM

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Bryan Cranston is so much of a Good Guy, he's giving George Clooney a run for his money.  The only thing that separates the two these days is Cranston is happily married and Clooney is an avowed bachelor.  Not that that makes much of a difference.  Anyway, Cranston returned to "How I Met Your Mother" Monday night, reprising his role as Ted's former boss.  A quick, funny little bit.

But that's not the noteworthy thing.  This is:

During downtime during Hurricane Sandy, he posed to the PAs on the set of Cold Comes the Night to submit a script to him sans name and the one he liked he'd do.  Polanco's was the winner.  I like stories like that.  There's a teaser, a behind the scenes thing, and a 20 minute interview at that website.  The short is available to buy on iTunes.