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Started by Jeremy Blackman, April 30, 2013, 10:18:54 PM

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Jeremy Blackman

Best Animated Feature: WRECK-IT RALPH


Wreck-it Ralph
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I know a lot of people had issues with Brave, but Wreck-It Ralph? Seriously? It was cute and had funny bits, but it was so cookie-cutter, and the story was an incomprehensible mess.

I honestly believe that the biggest factor of why our generation even cares about the movie is all the pandering '90s kid nostalgia. It's the Buzzfeed of movies.
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I liked the three, but ended up voting for Ralph because it was the most touching to me. Nostalgia is actually a part of its main themes. And I don't think I understand what was so incomprehensible about it.


I also need an explanation for the simultaneous uses of "cookie-cutter" and "incomprehensible".
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Wreck-It-Ralph was good but not as awesome as everyone said it would be. I appreciated all the little videogame segments.

Brave had heart like any good Pixar film should but it suffered severely in the world-building aspect that Pixar usually excels at. The story wasn't entirely satisfying either. But it was good.