most annoying actors

Started by Jeremy Blackman, January 12, 2003, 08:46:42 PM

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context, context, context.

El Duderino

NEON...Jack Black is nothing like Robin Williams. Jack Black is funny. i've never seen a monty python....but i do own a guinea pig. damn.
Did I just get cock-blocked by Bob Saget?


Quote from: NEON MERCURYexhibit A:

> Kristen "saggy tits" Dunst :roll: ..this is the only type of 'award' she will ever win...people keep praising her but i ll let you pimps know now that she is whack....oh, and don t get a brotha started on her  teeth..

I thought we established that sometimes a bit of fuck-uppage in the tooth area can help a chick's look...

Also, I will put her to good use in a film in the future, so just hold tight, Neon.
Those who say that the totalitarian state of the Soviet Union was not "real" Marxism also cannot admit that one simple feature of Marxism makes totalitarianism necessary:  the rejection of civil society. Since civil society is the sphere of private activity, its abolition and replacement by political society means that nothing private remains. That is already the essence of totalitarianism; and the moralistic practice of the trendy Left, which regards everything as political and sometimes reveals its hostility to free speech, does nothing to contradict this implication.

When those who hated capital and consumption (and Jews) in the 20th century murdered some hundred million people, and the poster children for the struggle against international capitalism and America are now fanatical Islamic terrorists, this puts recent enthusiasts in an awkward position. Most of them are too dense and shameless to appreciate it, and far too many are taken in by the moralistic and paternalistic rhetoric of the Left.

Chest Rockwell

Quote from: El DuderinoChris Penn
No, it's Chris Kattan. Chris Penn is Sean Penn's brother, and appeared in Reservoir Dogs.


Quote from: SoNowThenAlso, I will put her to good use in a film in the future, so just hold tight, Neon.

Exactly what I intend to's like one mind :)


Quote from: SoNowThen
I thought we established that sometimes a bit of fuck-uppage in the tooth area can help a chick's look...

the only chick that has them phucked up teeth and still got that beauty is:

>Jewel........she s gorgeous

and Pubrick

as for monty s cool.......
but ever since i saw that episode of south park w/ 'lemewinks' and found out its 'based on a true story' i got freaked out by gerbils... :shock:


Quote from: NEON MERCURYas for monty s cool.......
then why did you say it was for people who found something you find annoying and unfunny funny? for fun?



Quote from: NEON MERCURYhonerable mention:  john lithgow

Oh No You Didn't!
under the paving stones.


Quote from: NEON MERCURYactors:
john cusack

When plays the same character in every date comedy or just in general, Because when he does anything else (Malcovich, Con Air) i quite like it.
Doctor, Always Do the Right Thing.

Yowza Yowza Yowza


barbara striesand I hate her acting and singing and nose so much i dont care to waste the time spelling her name right.  I would rather stick my freakin finger down my throat and dry heave then watch her movies.  I would rather eat stale potato chips then watch her movies or hear her sing.  The guys from South Park should be given an award for their honesty toward her.  

Thank you and Im not anti Jew
Its facinating how fast disturbing becomes undisturbing.


renee zellweger
- i hate everything she is in...i dont own a single film b/c i think she is very ugly..has one of the most annoying looking faces in cinematic history...i also hate her voice...her most annoying film would be "jerry macguire" b/c not only is she in it...its a crowe film thats filled w/his trademark"you complete me"..and "show me the money!" and it has cuba and that nasty looking kid that america fell in love with...

cuba gooding jr.
- he has only been in one film that i can watch w/o either masturbating or cutting my tv off, "boyz in the hood"...the rest of his career, which has been fully documented in another thread, is full of shit...its not that he's ugly or that hes not talented...but he has to be a comlete dumbass...i still bring up movies like "boat trip" and "chill factor" b/c it proves his could someone after reading those screenplays, hop aboard?....i'm not saying his needs to do art house shit [i like my tony scott films just like everyone else] but have some respect for yourself, as an actor and as a person..cuba clearly doesnt....his worst film are a tie between "pearl harbor" and "jerry macguire"...he makes the most annoying faces...worst than screech..

i will do two a week both a male and week: kirsten dunst and jamie fox


Quote from: pyramid machine on March 03, 2006, 08:40:42 PM
i hate everything she is in...i dont own a single film b/c i think she is very ugly..

Yeah right, you own Chicago. See:


Quote from: Hedwig on March 03, 2006, 08:59:19 PM
Quote from: pyramid machine on March 03, 2006, 08:40:42 PM
i hate everything she is in...i dont own a single film b/c i think she is very ugly..

Yeah right, you own Chicago. See:

:bravo:...good detective work...but alsas, i sold it a LONG time ago...w/ varoius other check it:

taxi driver
the texas chainsaw massacre [remake]
terminator 3: rise of the machines
thirteen days
winged migration
wonderland [limited edition]</S
x-men 1.5
x-men: united
21 grams
master and commander [3 disc]
alien [2 disc]
aliens [2 disc]
all the real girls
american slendor
back to the future trilogy
catch me if you can
8 mile
8 1/2 [criterion]
12 monkeys
barton fink
beverly hills cop
25th hour
2001: a space odyssey
bringing out the dead
cabin fever
casablanca [2 disc]
the last house on the left
capturing the friedmans
confessions of a dangerous mind
about schmidt
amores perros
artificial intelligence
the devil's backbone
black hawk down [3 disc]
die another day
from dusk till dawn [2 disc]
el mariachi
event horizon
the eye
almost famous [3 disc]
blue velvet
america: a tribute to heroes
six feet under [season one]
american beauty
roger waters: the wall live in berlin
basic instinct
the basketball diaries
the beatles anthology
a beautiful mind
blade II
being john malkovich
brazil [criterion]
boogie nights
bottle rocket
cast away [2 disc]
fight club [2 disc]
the texas chainsaw massacre
a clockwork orange
from hell [limited edition]
crouching tiger, hidden dragon
one hour photo
donnie brasco
donnie darko
the elephant man
the doors
eyes wide shut
far from Heaven
fear and loathing in las vegas [criterion]
a few good men
final fantasy [2 disc]
the big lebowski
any given Sunday
the french connection
fast times at ridgemont high
final destination II
finding nemo
forrest gump
house of sand and fog
indiana jones trilogy
in the cut
the kid stays in the picture
kill bill vol. I
last tango in paris
looney tunes: golden collection
lord of the rings: fellowship of the ring [extended edition]
lord of the rings: the two towers [extendeed edtition]

lost in translation
the royal tenenbaums [criterion]
the salton sea
rushmore [criterion]
at close range
straw dogs [criterion]
the score

the shining
snatch [2 disc]

spy game
solaris [remake]
the straight story
talk to her
the thin red line

spirited away
bowling for columbine
apocalypse now: redux
28 days later
training day

traffic [criterion]
true romance [2 disc]
twin peaks [pilot]
twin peaks [season one]
twin peaks: fire walk with me
u2: elevation 2001 live from boston
the usual suspects
vanilla sky
waking life
best of bowie
roger waters: in the fleash

wonder boys
the man who fell to earth
matchstick men
the matrix
the matrix: reloaded
the matrix: revolutions
monster's ball
a nightmare on elm street
wes craven's new nightmare
nil by mouth
o brother where art thou?
you can count on me
yellow submarine

ghost world
what's eating gilbert grape?
pink floyd: live at pompeii

pink floyd: the wall
pearl jam: touring band 2000
pearl jam: live at the garden

full frontal
once upon a time in mexico
full metal jacket
once upon a time in the west

gangs of new york
ghost dog: way of the samuria
the Godfather trilogy
jackie brown
star wars: the phantom menace
star wars: attack of the clones
reservoir dogs [2 disc]
hard eight
the ice storm
insomnia [remake]
the evil dead
evil dead II: dead by dawn
bruce campbell vs. the army of darkness
panic room [3 disc]
portishead: roseland new york
pulp fiction [2 disc]
risky business

in the bedroom
in the mouth of madness
jacob's ladder
jason x
y tu mama tambien
roger dodger
the rules of attraction
schindler's list
jay and silent bob strikes back

the limey
leaving las vegas
the man who wasn't there
memento [limited edition]
monority report

the pianist
mulholland dr.
natual born killers
ocean's eleven
one flew over the cuckoo's nest [2 disc]
out of sight
schizopolis [criterion]
school of rock

the pledge
punch-drunk love
seven [2 disc]
red dragon [2 disc]
the ring

requiem for a dream
road to perdition
neil young and crazy horse: rust never sleeps
the secret lives of dentists
shattered glass
swiming pool
; you can see i sold alot of dvds and also i've gained alot that i have not updated, there is no renee in my shit....


If there ever IS or ever WAS renee in your shit you should probaly see a doctor.....


NEON, you crossed out your entire list.