most boring actors

Started by Jeremy Blackman, May 26, 2012, 03:11:31 PM

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Quote from: picolas on June 10, 2012, 09:15:24 PM

hahaha! that is greatest picture ever for these reasons:

01 he look high
02 he appears to be wearing an american idol (logo) or a pabst blue ribbon logo  :ponder: mesh hat titled east
03 the fact that hes one of "those" types of guys who think it looks cute smiling with ur tongue slithering out between ur top and bottom toofs
04 his right ear look fucked up
05 he got a burn victums scar thing going on between his upper lip and nose
05.1 his name is channing tatum

my contribution:


Ellen Page? Really? Now you just being crazy.

I guess I can see what you're coming from if you're only seen her movies post Juno but come on, she did some really good jobs in some great films before that. Have you seen The Tracey Fragments? Say what you want about the film itself but her performance in it was really good. Quite amazing actually. People have to stop typecast her as the kind of goofy teenage girl (Juno) all the time and realize that she is quite a wonderful actor.

PS: And I want to fuck her too.


................................................d/amn p u right no body reponds to shit these days.

WFT sorry WTF back in the day peeps will jump al over this shit. btw, thanks for macG, p RK, gostboi, themodernage, ravi, polkablies, stefen....and the rest of yal niggaz for keeping up. ,,,oh and Gt i hope he aint dead, and i hope PAS is alive too. he got kid(s) now and i know thatsucks from personal experience..oh JB and banataz thanks for loving Lynch. he fucked up but i like how yall like INLAND we gotta turn Pubrick,,,


KARLJOHN -, honeslty ive only seen ellen page page post JUNo and i cant stand her, i think she may be a dyke, i know u wanna fuck her and prolly i would 2 but we can do better, i jst dont like her. whenever im at a theater eatinn gmy popcorn and watching some previews when the narrator guy statrs talking about "starring ellen page",,,,a nigga shut down fo real. she is the quent-tie-sential reason why JB started this thread...shes a greata ctress but boring as hell

im sorry if i forgot some peeps but im old either 35 or 35 :(