Started by Jeremy Blackman, March 17, 2005, 12:50:11 AM

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Jeremy Blackman

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Yeah, Ed is reflection is Shaun's failings, but if you look at the housemates as a whole, that's where the brilliance of the setup lies.  Ed is the jobless, drunk, shiftless-layabout.  Pete is the dedicated, serious worker (also worth noting that he's the only one with a car).  Both resent each other for what defines them.  Shaun is the one stuck in the middle, and at a moment's notice, he could swing either way and cement his fate.  In the end, it feels like Shaun satsifies a happy medium between the two (and in the same flat, natch).

God, I love this movie.


I have to say that your article was extremely well written.  I didn't look so deeply into the movie (I admit it turned me right off in the beginning)...  but nonetheless, your defence of it isn't over the top.  Cheers.

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Agreed, very good article. Made me wanna see it again. Your ending paragraph sums up the film and your analysis perfectly.


That last line is brilliant. And so are all the ones in the middle. Good job, nice analysis, the film is a lot of genius to take in at once, so thanks for writing it all down.


Enjoyable, it's easy to see that Shaun of the Dead and The Incredibles are your 2 fav films of 04 for the same reasons.  Personally, I enjoyed Dawn of the Dead (the remake more), I understand that isn't the most popular view.  I will say this though, your In Defense made Shaun of the Dead go from a movie that I liked to a movie that I liked and would like to see again.

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This was really well written.  

I don't know what it is that keeps me at arm's length with this movie.  I mean I enjoy comedies, I love horror movies, and I see all your points, all your points are justifiable and convincing, but there just isn't a connection between me and the movie.
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hey thanks!

side thought:  remember when The Green Screen was a place?
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someone tell me where the "Mexican standoff" originated in film? its just such an interesting device
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