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Started by NEON MERCURY, July 15, 2003, 03:29:03 PM

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Jeremy Blackman

I would definitely check out that podcast I recommended. Their coverage of the finale was great. A really deep dive.

Quote from: Jeremy Blackman on August 19, 2017, 04:51:45 PMSpeaking of which. Entertainment Weekly's A Twin Peaks Podcast is nothing short of amazing. Two very well-informed Lynch theorists take Twin Peaks very seriously but are also delighted by everything. This is one of the best TV podcasts I've heard.

Jeremy Blackman

N [08|Sep 03:31 AM]:   I've been finally getting around to watching TP
N [08|Sep 03:32 AM]:   I was expecting it to be more Lynchian, but it's strangely conventional and deeply weird at the same time somehow.
Jeremy Blackman [08|Sep 08:07 AM]:   What episode are you on?
N [08|Sep 08:20 AM]:   the major and coop went into the forest on the last ep I watched
N [08|Sep 08:21 AM]:   dont wanna spoil things accidentally, forgot the episode number
N [08|Sep 08:21 AM]:   coop took a piss and then things happened
Drenk [08|Sep 08:22 AM]:   Season 2 episode something toward the end.
N [08|Sep 08:34 AM]:   yeah
N [08|Sep 08:34 AM]:   maybe more like halfway
N [08|Sep 08:34 AM]:   hoping that it'll start being a mystery again
N [08|Sep 08:35 AM]:   interesting show anyway, sometimes corny, sometimes amazing
Drenk [08|Sep 09:07 AM]:   Lynch and Frost don't come back until the very last episodes
Drenk [08|Sep 09:07 AM]:   They didn't want to resolve the mystery about Laura
Reelist [08|Sep 09:13 AM]:   I don't know if I'll ever be able to get through that second season
Reelist [08|Sep 09:17 AM]:   I started watching Twin peaks as comfort food, just because it was the best thing I could find on cable at the time and I loved the atmosphere. I never paid much attention to the plot
Drenk [08|Sep 09:22 AM]:   Well, there is not much real plot.
Reelist [08|Sep 09:23 AM]:   I think all of the crucial details you need to know are in the movie, no?

N [08|Sep 05:32 PM]:   Yeah like after first few eps of S2 the show really kinda changed its tone
N [08|Sep 05:35 PM]:   nadine sub plot seems truly pointless  :?
Jeremy Blackman [08|Sep 06:14 PM]:   S2 has some serious rough patches. Many fans recommending skipping a whole section of it.
N [08|Sep 06:17 PM]:   Season 1 started very strong
N [08|Sep 06:17 PM]:   whole season was pretty decent
Jeremy Blackman [08|Sep 06:26 PM]:   S2 ends very strong.
Jeremy Blackman [08|Sep 06:50 PM]:   And then S3 is the best season.
Jeremy Blackman [08|Sep 06:50 PM]:   It's staying in my head unlike anything in a long time.
Drenk [08|Sep 06:54 PM]:   yes, S3 is the best.
Drenk [08|Sep 06:54 PM]:   I do have a friend who loves the original and hates S3.
Jeremy Blackman [08|Sep 06:56 PM]:   I can understand that. It depends which part of the original you loved.
Drenk [08|Sep 06:58 PM]:   I really dislike the James/Donna thing from the original.
Drenk [08|Sep 06:59 PM]:   Then: I liked the movie better than the show, already.
Reelist [08|Sep 07:15 PM]:   so, if I want to start S3 could you give me a rundown of essential S2 eps to watch first?
Drenk [08|Sep 07:18 PM]:   The last one, I'd say.
Reelist [08|Sep 07:19 PM]:   I'll go with the last 3 or so and if they get really bad just skip em
Drenk [08|Sep 07:19 PM]:   The last one is essential and very good. You've seen the first part of season 2?
Reelist [08|Sep 07:20 PM]:   yeah and I've tried and failed to get through it many times
Drenk [08|Sep 07:20 PM]:   The first seven or eight episodes, I don't remember, are essential too, they resolve the murder.
Reelist [08|Sep 07:20 PM]:   goddamnit
Drenk [08|Sep 07:20 PM]:   + they are good.
Reelist [08|Sep 07:20 PM]:   oh yeah, that's right season 2 is good up until a point
Reelist [08|Sep 07:22 PM]:   I remember there's like a Ho down or something? that's when I said 'Fuck this'

wilder [08|Sep 07:39 PM]:   I'm in the same boat as you, Reelist. Had seen season 1 and the first few eps of 2. Went ahead and watched S03 without the rest. Life intervened, so currently on Ep 12 of S03, completely confused but enjoying it. Not sure if I'd be confused, anyway.
jenkins [08|Sep 07:50 PM]:   S03 made the cultural bucket list and i don't anyone who could do it but Lynch
Reelist [08|Sep 07:54 PM]:   Yeah I guess I'll just kind of cherry pick S2 and skip the ones that bore me. Even when all the story elements aren't together I still dig the 90's feel
Reelist [08|Sep 07:56 PM]:   I'm watching the Tupac movie and it's so much worse than I could've imagined, there's no drive behind it. It just goes through the motions
Reelist [08|Sep 08:00 PM]:   If I can make it through this I should have no problem with Twin Peaks season 2
Drenk [08|Sep 08:02 PM]:   wilder: like I said, you should at least watch the last episode of s2, maybe you'll be a little bit less confused about what was happening in the beginning of s3.
Drenk [08|Sep 08:03 PM]:   But then: I was confused watching the premiere of s3. Soooo.
wilder [08|Sep 08:04 PM]:   Thanks, will do
jenkins [08|Sep 08:11 PM]:   i'm just going to end up rewatching season 3 and buying the fire walk with me blu-ray
jenkins [08|Sep 08:11 PM]:   i will never know the full story of twin peaks. but that means i get to listen
jenkins [08|Sep 08:12 PM]:   there's just not a more radical storyteller i know of, who can pull it off like he does, so really from the spirit i'm hooked

jenkins [08|Sep 08:12 PM]:   we all know that seeing someone imitate Lynch is one of life's saddest feelings (black humor)
Reelist [08|Sep 08:15 PM]:   Can we think of any examples of a director trying that and failing?
jenkins [08|Sep 08:29 PM]:   i might've made something up to make a point
Jeremy Blackman [08|Sep 08:43 PM]:   Reelist, if you weren't planning on this already, definitely watch FWWM before Season 3.
Jeremy Blackman [08|Sep 08:45 PM]:   And to answer your question:
Jeremy Blackman [08|Sep 08:48 PM]:   There are great counterexamples, too — artists who take a lot from Lynch but do their own thing. Tarantino and Lindelof.
Jeremy Blackman [08|Sep 08:48 PM]:   S3 has what seem to be explicit references to Tarantino being influenced by Lynch.
N [08|Sep 08:51 PM]:   lol that trailer
N [08|Sep 08:53 PM]:   music sounds like John Murphy
N [08|Sep 08:54 PM]:   
jenkins [08|Sep 08:55 PM]:   the episode when Dougie wins slots is pure Lynchian mayhem. the whole Dougie thing was truly an otherworldly narrative experience
jenkins [08|Sep 08:58 PM]:   that's crazy this 28 Weeks Later song has 15,439,544 views
jenkins [08|Sep 08:59 PM]:   i've never seen that movie but i like this song
Reelist [08|Sep 09:30 PM]:   Yeah, Fire walk with me is one of my favorite lynch films. I wish I could find a good region 1 blu ray collection


How crazy was it to have new footage from Fire Walk With Me in Part 17? I didn't know if I was going crazy, but a producer confirmed it on Reddit: "We did use some old footage from FWWM and some new footage. I'd like to leave a little mystery, though, about what is what. I feel it takes away too much for the film when you know too many of the magician's secrets."


so i stopped watching after 7 or so episodes and gonna watch it all in the coming weeks. i'm psyched!



He held on. The dolphin and all the rest of its pod turned and swam out to sea, and still he held on. This is it, he thought. Then he remembered that they were air-breathers too. It was going to be all right.


December 5:

Does it bother everyone else that it says "The Third Season" and not "The Return"?
He held on. The dolphin and all the rest of its pod turned and swam out to sea, and still he held on. This is it, he thought. Then he remembered that they were air-breathers too. It was going to be all right.

Jeremy Blackman

Quote from: Sleepless on September 14, 2017, 04:48:18 PMDoes it bother everyone else that it says "The Third Season" and not "The Return"?

I actually like that. "The Return," while it's a thematically essential title, leaves too much room to see this as separate from the original show.


I kind of see it as separate from the original show, so I liked The Return and how ironic, to me, it sounded.

Jeremy Blackman

Here's a very good interview with Lynch in EW. Answers some key questions about his creative process.


JENSEN: Here at the end, there are so many story lines where I think I have to go back and wonder about threads that are connecting all of them, whether it's Billy, whether it's Audrey. Would you encourage that kind of review?

LYNCH: You know, it's not a science lab. If it's fun to think about them, then I would encourage it. Wasn't Sherilynn Fenn great?


Here's Damon Lindelof talking about Twin Peaks with a guy that loved the original but doesn't like this one.

I like what Lindelof says about episode 8.


Yeah, I don't know if it's just because it is more "artful". It is a different formula from the original show. + the characters in Twin Peaks are isolated and the new characters aren't warm and from the realm of soap opera. So a big part of what made the charm of the original isn't there anymore, and if that's what you enjoyed the more...of course you'd be frustrated and disappointed.

Jeremy Blackman

Lindelof was on several episodes of the EW podcast I keep pimping (by the same guys who interviewed Lynch above), and he had fantastic insights.

Quote from: Jeremy Blackman on August 19, 2017, 04:51:45 PMEntertainment Weekly's A Twin Peaks Podcast is nothing short of amazing. Two very well-informed Lynch theorists take Twin Peaks very seriously but are also delighted by everything. This is one of the best TV podcasts I've heard.


Yes, I didn't say but I listened to some of them! Especially the ones with Lindelof.

Jeremy Blackman


LOL, that guy's reaction to Episode 8: "This is becoming work for me now." I'm not sure Twin Peaks is for him. David Lynch in general is definitely not for him. I like Lindelof's compassionate reaction, though.

I guess the original Twin Peaks fan divide is being laid bare now. For example, the parts this guy loved from the original Twin Peaks I would probably consider less pure, even filler in many cases.

The beautiful and understandably frustrating thing about The Return is that it seems to be doing exactly what it wants to do, so you can't really quibble about the execution — it's very much take it or leave it. New TP is not for everyone, and that's fine.