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I've been in the booth to project Interstellar 70mm at the Grove and we ran it just like this.
Yeah, I'd love to hear from a projectionist that's worked with traditional vs platter.  Is one less stressful on the print?  Advantages and disadvantages, etc...
Paul Thomas Anderson / Re: Licorice Pizza - Speculation & General Reactions
« Last post by ono on Today at 07:42:36 PM »
That was a really cool video.  Thanks.  I do wonder why so many spools are necessary though.
Paul Thomas Anderson / Re: cigs & redvines possible interview
« Last post by ono on Today at 07:30:42 PM »
So... there's something new I learned about Magnolia.  Paul's VOICE makes a cameo during Sydney Barringer's jump?  There is chanting during the teleprompter, and an interview linked off of that article posted has Paul confirm it.  I can't for the life of me make out what the chanting is saying though.  Anyone?

And I remember when that CMBB trailer dropped.  It was a magical time.  Such a good teaser.  For old time's sake:
Paul Thomas Anderson / Re: cigs & redvines possible interview
« Last post by jtm on Today at 07:18:29 PM »
I did not know that Paul leaked the trailer for “There Will Be Blood” to cigs & red vines, upsetting executives at Paramount… Thats hilarious..

[edit]  I had no idea 70mm, platter-style, was a thing.  (Isn't that cheating?)
Paul Thomas Anderson / Re: cigs & redvines possible interview
« Last post by wilberfan on Today at 07:00:18 PM »
Bravo.   :bravo:

I just wish they'd let us help them keep those spammy comments under control.  I've offered a couple of times already...
Paul Thomas Anderson / Re: cigs & redvines possible interview
« Last post by jtm on Today at 06:50:17 PM »
There was a nice write up on the Cigs & Redvines site today.. To be honest, I kinda forgot about that site. Rarely check it these days. But it was how xixax started… They didn’t mention xixax or the previous board that was attached to the site :-(

Where that blue jay guy at?!


Other Media / Re: Podcasts
« Last post by Jeremy Blackman on Today at 04:50:51 PM »
^ Definitely exceeding my expectations. I'm not a true crime buff by any stretch, but this is some of the most fascinating and "real" courtroom reporting I've ever heard. Monday's episode (Day 6) is especially good.

They seem to agree that the defense is gradually crumbling, because they're making three conflicting arguments with no coherent overarching narrative. Meanwhile, the prosecution is bringing in witnesses (recently the second of four), who are giving heart-wrenching, vulnerable testimony. No surprise, Ghislaine Maxwell is (allegedly) an absolute monster. These witnesses are heroes for what they're doing, which comes at a great cost personally and psychologically, as they live on the razor's edge of anonymity (while the defense clumsily doxes them, btw).

Learning about Ghislaine's (alleged) modus operandi is absolutely chilling—the way she would create a fake friendship with a girl, then reveal herself to be a grotesque creep, sometimes quite suddenly. And by then it was too late—the girl would be trapped in this stranger's house in a different state (or country) with no idea how to feasibly get home, also fearing the consequences for non-cooperation. The only thing they could be sure of is what was expected of them.

The obscene wealth combined with terrible taste, the wallpapered rooms with heavy drapes, a massage table ominously stationed in every room, the darkness of it all. Really paints a picture.
The Small Screen / Re: Get Back
« Last post by Robyn on Today at 09:31:38 AM »
Yeah, she was sitting right next to him the entire time, but it's weirder that it was John who wanted her there.

The Octopus moment was amazing. And the Get Back moment of course. I was watching a traveling show the other day where one of host introduced Tulsca by mentioning that The Beatles namedropped them. And when it got written it was just something Paul threw out there because he had heard about it on TV or something lol