Eyes Wide Shut

Started by Teddy, April 27, 2003, 09:46:02 PM

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i think that's cos, uh, ppl actually do spill the beans when they're drunk.

omg the simpsons did it when sideshow mel was "wacked on wowie-sauce" and he says to krusty "everyone's always kissing ur ass, well i'm not afraid to tell u ur a **** " omg poor writing!
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My point is that if you watch the film, the two are a reappearing motifs.
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maybe that's why they're.....motifs?
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Quote from: El Duderinomaybe that's why they're.....motifs?

I think you might be on to something... :P
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"Eyes Wide Shut" may just be the mos underrated and underappreciated masterpiece in Hollywood history. The film along with the book its based on (Dream Story by Arthur Schnitzler) for the film enthusiate who is also interested in pyschology or Freudian Sexology.
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Yes, and does anyone have any news about the rumored unrated DVD that may be coming?  I want to buy this movie, but I'll wait for the unrated cut if it's actually coming.  Thanks to anyone who has any info on it.


Quote from: matt35mmYes, and does anyone have any news about the rumored unrated DVD that may be coming?  I want to buy this movie, but I'll wait for the unrated cut if it's actually coming.  Thanks to anyone who has any info on it.

yeah i'm looking forward to that too.

if anyone knows where you can get the torrent files for this that would be cool too, i'll burn it.  also looking for the colour man who wasn't there.  i got the kill bill japanese this way so i'm sure it's out there somewhere.

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Isn't the R2 version uncut/uncensored?
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I haven't seen "Eyes Wide Shut" yet, though I'm a fan of many of SK's other films.  I bought a used copy of the DVD after reading this article


...which suggests that the dialogue in the film is often twisted, so that characters are actually revealing something about themselves when they appear to be talking about each other.  Or something like that.  I need to dig that DVD and watch it now, I think.  

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Here's a pretty interesting analysis of Eyes Wide Shut.  It is lengthy but I felt it was worth the read.



Just watched this again the other night, and jeez, I almost forgot how powerful this film really is. Wow. I'll say it again. Wow.
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I believe the word you're looking for is "fuck."

It's what I've been saying since I first saw it like four, five years ago -- don't remember when.  What most critics don't know really hurts them.  At least da 'xax knows a good 'brick flick when it sees one.


I haven't seen this movie in like 4 years until tonight, my second viewing. A few thoughts...

I don't even remember him doing it at all, but I almost wanted to laugh really loud everytime Tom Cruise whipped out his doctor's id, like he was a cop. It was really comical, and he does at least 10 times. Like he's showing off status, and people, like the waitress, do react accordingly, with a confused look of "huh" on their faces.

This movie looks like it was made in 1999 but shot in the 70s, it has the strangest aged look to it.

I love that Todd Field acts in this and then goes on to direct "In The Bedroom" , which is just too fucking amazing. I love that film, and thinking back, it's got a Kubrickian touch.

I've read some (or at least glanced at) a few theories that the film isn't about relationships and sex and love. Well that's just dumb, to me. If it doesnt say anything about those things, it's not saying anything at all. And it does say so much about those things, why would one want to ignore it?

When Dr. Bill comes home and Alice describes the dream she had, where she wakes up laughing, maybe it's obvious, but she seems to describe the movie from the pot-smoking scene up until that point. The pot-smoking scene strips away any artifice and leaves them both emotionally naked.

I love it when Dr. Bill returns to the Rainbow costume shop and Rade Sherbedgia has completely pimped out his daughter (literally, not in the Xzibit sense, or however his name is spelled). And she looks like a concubine for the two asian gentlemen. I wonder why exactly would Rade change tone completely, from anger to "i might as well cash in"? That's one thing I can't figure out.

The woman whose father just died, I love how it plays out Alice's fantasy in a more macabre, literal way. She's willing to give up her husband, who she obviously isn't that in love with, for a night with Dr. Bill. But then, it's also dismissable, because she's mourning, so Dr. Bill can't think of it as proof that women do indeed think this way.

While I was watching, I was struck by how unbearably mysterious and ominous the orgy gatherers were. There were so many questions floating in my mind, so many rules to not break, so many codes of conduct to not violate. It was such a fucking intense scene. Roger Ebert mentions that the final scene with Pollack tries to rationalize it. I don't think so at all. It's completely convoluted, Pollack's explanation only fills two blanks: what happened to Nick Nightengale and what status of people are involved. The first question is dubiously answered: a flight to Seattle. That settles nothing. The mentioning of "names you don't want to know about" implies uber high status people, which actually makes the whole event all the more menacing, and hookers, which is a great thing to explain because it tells where tail is coming from and how easily it can be disposed, i.e. Mandy.

Finally, I quit reading this article when he mentioned Indians in the Shining. There are no goddamned Indians in the Shining.

Anyhow, I love Eyes Wide Shut.


I think there's enough of a reference to American Indians in The Shining to warrant the suggestion quoted in that article, which is quite a good read - thanks for linking to it.

Good post.