Barry Lyndon

Started by Ghostboy, February 09, 2003, 02:18:02 AM

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I FINALLY watched Barry Lyndon last night (because the midnight showing of The Shining was sold out by the time I got there). I didn't start it until 2am, but it held my attention the whole way through. That said, I think it's probably my least favorite Kubrick bears all the markings of a by-the-numbers literary adaptation (strict sense of progression, lack of character progression, etc.). I'll need to see it again. The photography was absolutely stunning, however, and if they really did that all in natural light I'm really amazed. And Ryan O'Neal's performance was quite impressive as well.

What does everyone else think?


BTW, found this interesting site that offers a lot of in-depth insight into all Kubrick's works...


i really liked the movie. probably my least favorite also though. i need to see it again.


it's ekzellent, man. ; .bL. .aY. .rN. .rD. .yO. .N.

.bl. barry lyndon man, .bl. familiar feelings man. statues.

Barry Lyndon is brilliant in a way that no other kubrick film is brilliant.

i always feel hungry after it
under the paving stones.


I liked it a lot better the second time through.

Duck Sauce

Ive seen it a couple times and it is my least favorite, but by no means a bad movie. I just have a hard time paying attention to period pieces.

Jeremy Blackman

I love this movie. And Pubrick is so right once again.

Not even close to my least favorite Kubrick movie, though... that would be Lolita, which is still a great movie. (Spartacus is not a Kubrick movie)
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Barry Lyndon is an amazing film.

Everyone says it's thier least fav.  

Maybe it's my least post-sparticus favorite, but it's way better than Killer's Kiss and Fear and Desire.

Gold Trumpet

Barry Lyndon may be one of the most important movies ever, and is most comparative with 2001 than any other Kubrick movie. Not in similiar story, but what it tries to achieve in scope for its subject. The great interesting thing about it is that it is easily the greatest and most accurate recount of period piece for any movie. Basically done because of the camera Kubrick invented with using an old camera with the lense of one from Nasa used in space. It gave the movie a feeling of authenticity that no computer graphic will ever come near. And the great thing is, Kubrick only made a few of these cameras and held the rights to them and is not going to allow anyone to come near them, thus making Barry Lyndon completely priceless.

My opinion of Barry Lyndon is that it is the second best Kubrick film ever made, very near to 2001.



Barry Lyndon is fucking bad ass!  I d rip so many shots off from this film ,its ridiculous.


Quote from: TenseAndSoberBarry Lyndon is fucking bad ass!  I d rip so many shots off from this film ,its ridiculous.

Haha fuckin aye. Dibs on the courtyard track shot and long zoom of Barry first seeing Lady Lyndon, while playing chess I believe.



That courtyard shot is just incredible. That whole scene is great, no dialogue, all that blue moonlight...

Since you have dibs on that, I'll steal the zoom out on the funeral procession.


Barry Lyndon is my favorite Kubrick film.  It was the first Kubrick film I ever saw, and it blew me away.  I had never seen anything like it before.

It requires utmost patience to savor its subtle delights.  It is mid-70's art for art's sake, before the 80's bombastic video-game MTV quick-cut ADD school of filmmaking took hold.  You have to just sit there, be patient, and not expect Spielbergian set pieces every ten minutes.  It's a great movie, but you have to get into the late 18th century pace.
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Quote from: Duck SauceI just have a hard time paying attention to period pieces.


Duck Sauce

Quote from: cbrad4d
Quote from: Duck SauceI just have a hard time paying attention to period pieces.


I dunno, probably because Im closed minded and only concerned with modern society.