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Nolan's next film - It is based on American Prometheus, a biography of J. Robert Oppenheimer written by Kai Bird and Martin J. Sherwin. I highly recommend this book, it's a breeze to read because Oppenheimer's life was a privileged one that lead to extravagant adventures, from his home marked by his mother's Picasso's, childhood at the Ethical Culture Fieldston School, to an adolescence where he left craters in science circles worldwide. His brother was an active member of the Communist Party. Robert, meanwhile, would attend meetings and help write pamphlets, but always paid his dues in secret.

After the formulation of war technology - the US Carthyite period would come down on Oppenheimer and ostracize him from the country he loves.

Its cast iz immense

Professor Kip Thorne, who developed the science of Interstellar and (in a fantastical sense) TENET at a memorial for Oppenheimer, 2019:


I'm looking forward to this. I can't imagine it'll be a straightforward high-gloss biopic. It's a fascinating and terrifying (and all-too-timely) story. I suspect its gruesome subject matter and the renewed nuclear threat will harm its commercial prospects, though. 

I know it's become fashionable to trash Nolan – and I certainly wouldn't say that none of the criticism is earned – but as contemporary blockbuster filmmakers go personally I'd much rather have his flawed but intermittently inspired and often quite daring movies than the artistically much more conservative and plodding Villeneuve.




Instead of simply doing a movie about the guy who invented the clock...


Quote from: Drenk on July 28, 2022, 10:42:15 AMInstead of simply doing a movie about the guy who invented the clock...

That man's name? Dr Clockenstein.