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Started by MacGuffin, July 16, 2014, 10:23:46 PM

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Watch: Jan Harlan, David Prowse And Stanley Kubrick Collaborators Discuss In The Director In 'Stanley Kubrick And Us'
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Fifteen years have passed since Stanley Kubrick's death, but the legendary and reclusive director remains a source of continuing interest for fans of cinema. In fact, this year alone we've had nearly a dozen posts on the late filmmaker and since we never tire of hearing stories about Kubrick, here's another one for the archives.

The fine folks over at Dangerous Minds have tipped us off to the ongoing "Stanley & Us" project on YouTube which originally began filming interviews back in 1997 with some of Kubrick's family, friends and collaborators. The filmmakers – Mauro di Flaviano, Federico Greco and Stefano Landini – have been uploading excerpts from their interviews with the late critic Alexander Walker, Kubrick's daughter Katharina, his wife Christiane and Darth Vader himself, David Prowse, who appeared in "A Clockwork Orange," among many others.

We've embedded quite a few of the excerpts below, but if you're hurting for time, make sure you at least check out Walker's interview where he reveals how deep Kubrick's admiration for Peter Sellers went and how far the comedy legend went to avoid playing the role that eventually went to Slim Pickens. Watch the interviews below.

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