Shining: a question about Gradys' daughter

Started by maxx, February 01, 2014, 11:21:29 AM

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I have watched the American Version of " Shining " ( I am italian )..and Ullman, during the interview, talk about the Grady's daughters: two girls about 8 and 10 years: but it's a mistake, because they are twins..

In fact, in the italian version, Ullman says: two girls about eight....

May you help me? Thanks


I'm not a Shining expert or anything, but I always assumed that they were not twins and they just appear to Danny that way because it's more unsettling and some other deeper reasons that I'm sure people who've studied the film have read into it.
The Italian version could be explained by an overzealous translator.


Thanks !
In fact, when Ullman says the name of Grady, says Charles, but during the film he presents himself like " Delbert Grady ".
In italian, during the interview, Ullman says " Delbert "...probably italians thought to an error of Kubrick.


the things you are pointing out are intentional.

they are not twins.

the name difference is intentional.

have you ever seen a kubrick movie before?

if you're serious about writing a book on kubrick you should start by reading everything on this site:

then go through the FAQ:

that's just to start with.
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oh i get it now. * (referring to axolotl's deleted post clearing up that maxx realises it's meant to be two different names).

anyway, i think the point here is the italian translation kinda sucks.

maxx are you referring to the subtitles or the dubbed version?

as far as i know kubrick took great care to make sure the dubs were true to the original. he handpicked directors to oversee the different language dubs, carlos saura for the spanish versions for example. he was especially proud of the italian dub of FMJ. so it's curious that these errors should be present in the shining dub, if it is in fact the dub you're referring to.
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I have seen all the Kubrick's movies and i wrote a thesis about Kubrick, called " Shining: from Stephen King to Stanley Kubrick ".
In the dubbed version in italian, Ullman talks about " Delbert grady " american version he says " Charles "..but this is a little trick of Kubrick.
In my opinion, and watching the movies, they are twins...perhaps for giving more terror.
My book is a comparison between book and film: I am not fool and I'm not a stupid...
But, THANKS A's important to understand when you write correct.
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