William Friedkin

Started by MacGuffin, April 17, 2013, 11:23:14 PM

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The Ultimate Badass

Quote from: OpO1832 on August 19, 2015, 11:13:50 AM
He hasn't done a compelling movie in 30 years. What's so excellent about it?


Bug and Killer Joe, particularly the former, are certainly "compelling".


don't feed the tuba, alexandro.


Most memorable excerpt from that 2 1/2 hour interview^^

"She sits down, her mother sits next to her. I say "Linda, do you know anything about 'The Exorcist'?

Linda Blair: Yeah! I read the book.

William Friedkin: Well, what's it about?

LB:  A little girl who gets possessed by the devil and does a whole bunch of bad things.

WF: What sort of 'bad things'?

LB: She pushes a man out of her bedroom window, she hits her mother across the face, and she masturbates with a crucifix.

So, I looked at her mother, who was smiling and then said:

WF: Do you know what that means, Linda?

LB: What?

WF: To masturbate?

LB: isn't it like, 'jerking off'?

I look at her mother, still smiling and ask:

WF: Have you ever done that?

LB: Sure! Haven't you?

And that was it. That was her audition. I knew this wasn't going to hurt her. She was comfortable with the language, comfortable with the ideas, and I made it a game everyday."

The Ultimate Badass

Quote from: Alexandro on February 28, 2016, 12:06:11 PM
Bug and Killer Joe, particularly the former, are certainly "compelling".
LOL. Bug and Killer Joe? Did those movies say something interesting, or novel, deeply thought-provoking? Did they do so something cinematically or audiovisually interesting, or novel, or new and innovative? While I was watching them, did i feel i HAD to finish watching them? Was there anything extraordinary about the acting, or the cinematography, or any other technical aspect? Did these movies stick with me?

No to all.

So I disagree.


interesting, novel and deeply thought provoking?
I would say yes to interesting.
Novel, don't think so.
Thought provoking? yes. Wouldn't say "deeply".

They both did "something" cinematically interesting, but I'm not your personal guide to appreciate films so let's say that's your problem. novel again, or innovative...I'm sorry, but how old are you? Because usually people that put down films because they are not "innovative" are younger than 20.

And yeah they both had tremendous acting and technical chops, and played around with narrative and expectations enough to be "interesting". But I already think you are way too smart and advanced for me to possibly comprehend the heights from where your film notions of value are coming from, so I will agree to disagree.




Hadn't heard this, BEE mentioned it on his podcast

@9:25 on the perceived failure of Sorcerer:

QuoteFriedkin: How much time are you gonna spend on this, Nick? I mean, I've told you, the film was a disaster. How better can I put it?

Refn: Well I want to know what goes through your mind—

Friedkin: Ohhhh you feel like dancing! You actually feel like going out and celebrating! Buying the best bottle of champagne--you feel terrible!

Refn: So what did you do? Like, what goes through someone's reactions when they have reached what you have reached. That's what I'm interested in.

Freidkin: I'll tell you what I did. I commit suicide. I killed myself. And THEN, I was miraculously returned to life for the purpose of this interview.