The Overlook Hotel: amazing tumblr on the SHiNiNG run by Lee Unkrich

Started by Pubrick, March 22, 2012, 02:57:45 AM

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Looks like it could have possibly been an extra ghost/ghoul for the final scene. Wendy does go through the kitchen area right before she sees Hallorann lying on the floor dead.

I assumed the same thing. It must've had too much resemblance to 'tubgirl' to make it in, though.


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Here's a good bit of trivia appropriate for Halloween: as some people may know, Stanley Kubrick did not create the photo seen at the very end of The Shining. Given the general attention to detail lavished by the director upon his projects, one would assume that the photo was crafted expressly for the film. But the photo was, for the most part, actually a picture from 1923, with Jack Nicholson's head added.

A page of a photo retouching book published in 1985 now reveals the original image, before Nicholson was comped in, and on the left side of the image above you can see the original, unknown man who became the stand-in for Nicholson's afterlife image.

This comes from The Overlook Hotel, the Shining-enthusiast site overseen by Pixar director Lee Unkrich. (He tweeted that link, alerting the world to his good find.)

Here's the page from the book The Complete Airbrush and Photo-Retouching Manual, written by the person responsible for creating the comped image seen at the end of The Shining.

As Unkrich notes, the original photos of Nicholson are available in the Stanley Kubrick Archive in London; as the comparison between the images shows, only Nicholson's head, collar and tie were added to the original picture. (The anonymous man over whom Nicholson was pasted was also moved down, to give him more separation from the crowd.)

There's also this detail, which repeat viewers have likely already noticed:

Interestingly, close examination of images from the film reveals that two different photo-composites were used: one for the long tracking shot which pushes down the hall towards the photo, and a different one for the extreme close-up. Nicholson's composited head rotates from one photo to the next, and his shoulder shifts, partially obscuring the woman holding the cigarette behind him.


That last bit about the two different photos is really interesting, and I don't see any other reason for it other than it having a hidden meaning.

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Kubrick wisely omitted that ending because it's shit. I think the last shot he chose was the perfect ending for the movie he made because the movie he made wasn't a cheesy Stephen King story about a haunted house or a traumatized family, etc. It was about a pathetic man named Jack Torrence who failed at everything he attempted in life, but happily found a place that accepted him in spite of his shortcomings, even though he failed, spectacularly, every test they gave him.


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even though he failed, spectacularly, every test they gave him.

Not EVERY test... I'd say he passed the Hallorann pop quiz.


This has probably been posted a thousand times before, but I'm going to post it again.

I end up watching this promo here and there every 6 months or so.

It blows me away every time, best goddamn ad ever.


Beautiful. Thanks, I'd never seen that. What an awesome recreation.


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What an awesome recreation.

Aside from how incredible/brilliant the set recreations are, the kid that plays Danny, like whoa, it looks just like him.