The Overlook Hotel: amazing tumblr on the SHiNiNG run by Lee Unkrich

Started by Pubrick, March 22, 2012, 02:57:45 AM

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so after seeing two posts in recent days (one by alexandro and one by reelist) referring to things i'd seen on this tumblr i thought i'd stop being a selfish lazy cunt and post about it:

the site is regularly updated with pics, clips, tidbits and curios of varying importance by none other than Lee Unkrich of pixar fame. where does he find the time? it's really no more than a fan page but often the stuff he digs up is really interesting and the fact that an academy award winning filmmaker genius is behind it (he's credited as "caretaker" in the staff section) makes it all the more notable.

be sure to view it in archive mode for quick access to all the updates you may have missed, there you will discover clips from movies referenced in the Shining, inlcuding the following from The Phantom Carriage that alexandro was harping on about:

as well as others, such as a scene from DW Grifftith's original Broken Blossoms and it's 1936 remake that has to be seen to be believed.

explore and come back and discuss the cool things you discover. it's only been runnning since december so i hope it can keep up its rate of updates and cool finds.

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thanks, that is awesome.
it was a complete wtf moment last night when watching the phantom carriage (a beautiful film, one of the best silents I've ever seen) and suddenly that scene happens. also because both are films about the supernatural in a sense.


Lee Unkrich shared these on twitter a few weeks ago, didnt know where to post them so this is the perfect thread for a child.

valentines card made by his wife. which proves he's a normal human being with awesome taste and married the greatest girl on the planet.

and like that wasnt enough.....

she gave her the best pillow ever made. if a girl gave something close to this, ill be forever and ever at her service.


Well I'm sure he's given her millions of dollars so really that's the least she could do.
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I want that picture behind them more than I've ever wanted anything in my life.
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Doctor, Always Do the Right Thing.

Yowza Yowza Yowza


I always thought those were paintings, until I peeped dis very NSFW poster at The Overlook

Also, it was Jack's Bday yesterday, 75. Happy Belated Jack.


Watch: A Synchronized Collage Of Every Zoom In Stanley Kubrick's 'The Shining'


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my bad, didnt check the other thread.

and agree, not that interesting.


"[Kubrick] actually took out a scene ... where Jack finds the scrapbook in the boiler room. And I thought that was very important because you had to know the moment in which he came under the control of the hotel. It's like the moment in a fairy story when the hero takes the poison apple. The main character makes a mistake that brings them into the grip of evil. That was when Jack made his mistake. Before that, it could have gone either way. It's his vanity and his hope to be a great writer that leads him to take this scrapbook as a gold mine of subjects. That was written and shot. I was sorry to see that Kubrick cut that out."- Diane Johnson 2002 interview

I hope this stuff makes its way to surface one day, with 2001 it eventually did. Put this deleted scene and the original ending on DVD so I can finally buy it! I've been holding out on getting a copy, waiting for the edition to come out that's just perfect. Get some new commentaries on there, like Vivian Kubrick or someone willing to do a scene by scene analysis, perhaps..

has anyone seen Room 237 yet? God, I can't wait.


Lee Unkrich needs your help over at The Overlook

...and I need someone to jabber on about 'The Shining' with. Sigh...


Looks like it could have possibly been an extra ghost/ghoul for the final scene. Wendy does go through the kitchen area right before she sees Hallorann lying on the floor dead.