Other actors/directors/etc. who mention PTA

Started by edison, January 18, 2008, 08:47:02 PM

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From Episode One of THE LAST MOVIE STARS, a multi-part documentary by Ethan Hawke about Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward. (HBO Max)


Came here to post the same news.   Nice that Lil' Coop has another acting gig.


Haven't seen his new film, but Shithouse was pretty great.

Looking forward to it.


Cool video about an actor on The Master set.


As someone who worked at CENTRAL CASTING for 16+ years, it's kind of adorable watching a youngster describe to his fellow kids that there's such a thing as being a movie extra. 

That said, it was fun hearing about the MASTER set from a civilian that got to hang out there.




Damn.  I wanted to talk to Adam back in the day (would still love to).  Anyone know where I could get the entire episode? 


An Interview with Pat Healy, Part 2: Walking Among the Giants

QuoteI'd like to go all the way back to Magnolia, where you play the pharmacist Julianne Moore explodes at in what may be the most famous scenes of her career. Do you remember what that experience was like? To see her go to the places that she goes to in that moment?

The funny thing about that early success was that I was certainly really grateful to be there. Boogie Nights was a movie that I think I saw three times when it came out, maybe four times, so I was really excited to be in that movie and be there with her. But at that point I was cocky. I just figured, "Yeah, I'm here. I'm one of the stars of this." A lot of actors talk about this—about being an egomaniac with low self-esteem. I felt that way, but I'm sure I felt completely insecure, too. And the day of shooting that scene, it was really remarkable the enormity of what she came and did, and I think she did that in maybe three takes. I remember she showed up for the rehearsal probably before makeup and hair, and she just looked like a movie star. I worked with Jessica Chastain recently, and they show up you're just like, "Oh right, they look like that in real life." Like they have a diffusion filter on them the whole time.

And so that was pretty remarkable, and she was incredibly nice. And Paul [Thomas Anderson], he's a year older than me, so that seemed like we were contemporaries, even though I acted in a scene in Magnolia when I was 27 years old, and Paul made Magnolia when he was 28 years old. [Laughs.] She did that, and I was knocked out by it, so it wasn't hard to react to, I was just being there. And in fact, the camera is not really even on me that much, so it's pretty remarkable and flattering to me that, for some people, it's still the biggest thing I've done. That will probably change now with Saul, but it's still the thing people bring up to me the most.

Last year, John Oliver did [a segment on] the economy or something. I wish I could remember what it was, maybe you can find it. [! — ed.] And he says, "That kind of abuse is safe for pharmacists." And it shows a picture of me from Magnolia, and he does the whole thing and everyone understands it. And this is 20-some years later. That's remarkable.

Good interview--check it out.

Speaking of Healy:  I went to see MAGNOLIA at the New Bev one Tues afternoon and just before the film started, a staff member went up to introduce the film--and Pat Healy, whom he had spotted at the back of the theater.  Pat had showed up just as a fan to see the film again.  He was invited up to speak to us briefly.  I wish I could remember more of his comments.  Probably a variation of the above.  Seeing him that day made me just a little bit more of a fan of his.