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I was convinced that you were someone else. You are probably my new favorite profile.

not entirely sure what that means but i'll take it as a compliment.


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For those here with Letterbox accounts, pd187 is a must-follow: his account is a treasure trove of reviews and lists of forgotten/esoteric trash and cult genre movies.
An account to admire if only becuz they watch such eclectic selects.

unearths docs such as, COINTELPRO: The FBI's War on Black America
Quotevital historical & material analysis of the facts. one of the essential documentaries; watch youtu.be/LYbxsXBYyk0
and creates mega mixes,
QuoteSanta's papal thyrsus P.I.N.E. staff (human s-pine) connects to your conical pine-al gland as his "Satan Clause" in a legal DNA document whereby the E.T./E.L.F. "gods" of Saturn legally own our X chromosomes through their Gamete Intra-Fallopian Tube/Transfer process, or "G.I.F.T."s / all-new ysl mothmane christxma$$ minimix (30:00) for the seazon, feat. bricc baby shitro, buck owens, louis farrakhan, the smurfs, lil romeo/hilary duff, etc:

and does that dope letterboxd thing where review iz really personal journal,
Quotefor a 2010s conspiradoc about a fixture of lazy right-wing fearmongering (alex jones has like 3 movies on em) this take on the guidestones is shockingly original, thoughtful & well-researched, even if it takes a jesus-y turn towards the end (at least pluralist/not xenophobic about it). could potential "r.c. christian" herbert kersten be related to the gary kirsten that harrassed (atlantan) kerry thornley?? stay tuned. . .

187-heads may know i grew up near elberton on the s.c. border and my hippie mom dragged me to the guidestones several times as a kid (when i moved to athens me and some weirdos drove out there one night to take mushrooms & watch a meteor shower....) but something you never hear anybody mention about this bizarre, bedrock-esque "granite capital of the world" is its sister city of mure, japan (pop. 18,000, kita district/kagawa prefecture) known for a similar stone (granite!) monument built by sculptor isamu noguchi in 1982, right after the 3/22/80 dedication of georgia's stonehenge:


the ngo/lannan*-funded noguchi has no direct link to the guidestones i can uncover but he tried for decades to build an ultramod rothko(ccf/cia)-style "playscape" outside the U.N. in new york, before finally completing it in 1976 for atlanta's piedmont park, where it remains today:


i have a theory the guidestones were central to making atlanta the new laurel canyon, with "mumble rap" used to hide coded/thelemic/adamic language, mantras & encantations (future: "reprogramming my brain, i was in training," thugger's 3-headed snake, "i was with obama," egypt, pharaohs, medusa, astrology) but thats another review. anyway this is on tubi & pr1me - check it out!

"Everything is sculpture. Any material, any idea without hindrance born into space, I consider sculpture."



1947: u.s. army & air force intelligence secretly establish a production unit covertly emplying more than 250 filmmakers deep inside laurel canyon of hollywood, california, producing & processing atomic test footage, aerial spy charts, and military propaganda for public release - 'lookout mountain'

1953: spielberg (13) moves from haddon township, new jersey to lookout mountain, arizona (!) www.neighborhoods.com/lookout-mountain-phoenix-az

1960: spielberg's computer-pioneer father arnold travels to moscow as part of a delegation of general electric engineers, where he is detained & shown the u-2 spy plane & flight suit of captured pilot francis gary powers, an incident spielberg fictionalizes in BRIDGE OF SPIES (soviets insist powers was shot down w/ intel given to them by defector lee harvey oswald) www.mcall.com/la-en-bridge-of-spies-spielberg-20151203-story.html

1966-1976: nearly all overseas footage of the vietnam war comes from lookout mountain's "600th photo squadron," (motto "we killem with fillum")

1966: film student spielberg moves to lookout mountain, where he'd live off & on thru the 70s & 80s

"The canyon had an eclectic history of celebrities living there in various stages of their careers," said Moss. "When I moved in Steve Martin lived across the street, and Steven Spielberg was 3-4 doors down and lived there when he was working on Close Encounters." legaciesofla.com/8040-lookout-mountain-ave-neutra-proteges-seminal-work/ (right wing sci-fi author robert heinlein was at 8777 lookout mountain ave)

1969: the air force "closes" lookout mountain labs and moves production to the air force film depository at wright patterson air force base of hangar 18/project blue book fame (wiki)

(I)t is believed that some 19,000 "films" were produced on Lookout Mountain between 1947-1969. That's 500 more films than Hollywood produced during the same period, and only a few dozen of them have been declassified.


Lookout Mountain's work was largely secret. The vast majority of its productions were minimally classified as Restricted. Nevertheless, clips from its films and short takes were widely circulated in Cold War culture: newsreels and later television news featured footage of military and NASA operations shot by Lookout Mountain and major film producers in Hollywood and beyond depended on Lookout Mountain for footage of Air Force jets and bombers. We see Lookout Mountain clips not only in pro-Air Force films like Strategic Air Command and A Gathering of Eagles, but such iconic Cold War films as Hiroshima Mon Amour and Dr. Strangelove.


From 1960 to 1969, the 1352d Photo Group, Lookout Mountain Air Force Station, was responsible for all documentary photographic capabilities and the maintenance and operation of laboratories and production facilities in the western part of the United States (west of the Mississippi River), the Pacific and the Far East. (wiki)

1974: with the existence of lookout mountain still classified, rockefeller grant-winning experimental filmmaker pat o'neill creates "LOOKOUT MOUNTAIN FILMS" to produce avant garde cinema in laurel canyon - www.lookoutmountainstudios.com/words/words_biobrief.php

1981/82: spielberg discovers j.j. abrams via his childhood home, lookout mountain, arizona:

Kennedy helped Spielberg discover the two directors when they were in their teens. In the early 1980s (probably '81 or '82), Kennedy got a call from a guy who was living in Spielberg's childhood home on Lookout Mountain outside Phoenix and had discovered the 8mm films Spielberg had made as a child. Kennedy had just read a story in the LA Times about how two teens (Abrams and Reeves) had won a young filmmaker award. "I said to Steven," Kennedy recalled to Vanity Fair. "You know what would be really great? Why don't you hire these two kids who just won this film award, who would probably give anything to meet you, and they could clean up your movies and transfer them to tape so that we never run the risk of these movies disappearing again?" Spielberg was impressed by the work the pair did and has been a friend and mentor ever since. www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/discovered-by-spielberg-a-lucky-891580

1983: george lucas & fx-shop ILM secretly contract lookout mountain films' pat o'neill to do the glowing "force ghost" fx in RETURN OF OF THE JEDI:

But this story hides much of the equally inspired effects labor performed by the many non-ILM freelancers on the original trilogy. Much of the work, including iconic elements such as the lightsabers (Van Der Veer Photo Effects), the aura around deceased Jedi (Lookout Mountain Films) and the blueprints of the Death Star (Larry Cuba), was farmed out to contractors. These outside vendors brought a great deal of creativity and innovation to the movies. One of the many experimental filmmakers who freelanced on the original trilogy, Lookout Mountain's Pat O'Neill, told me that he created the glow around Ben Kenobi in "Return of the Jedi" by compositing together elements of sunlight reflecting off the Pacific Ocean.


Lookout Mountain Laboratory had an advanced research and development department that was on the cutting edge of new film technologies. Such technological advances as 3-D effects were apparently first developed at the Laurel Canyon site. (mcgowan)

1990: 23-yr old junior set designer nathan crowley lands his first job on spielberg's $70 million HOOK. www.imdb.com/name/nm0189769/ - crowley's grandfather's cousin aleister crowley worked as a double (triple?) agent w/ british, u.s. & german spies during ww1, writing coded & overt anti-uk propaganda for pro-german publications in the u.s. & playing a role in the sinking of the lusitania according to the army's military intelligence division: "[crowley] was an employee of the British Government on official business of which the British Consul, New York City, has full cognizance (...) the British Government was fully aware of the fact that Crowley was connected with German propaganda and had received money for writing anti-British articles." feralhouse.com/secret-agent-666/ - crowley (nathan) went on to work as chris nolan's art director, making the "sandy hook" map in dark knight rises (spielberg discovered christian bale) and concocting the campaign for lady gaga's FAME perfume, suggesting it contains a crowleyian blend of blood & semen: www.businessinsider.com/heres-that-nude-lady-gaga-blood-and-semen-perfume-ad-everyone-is-talking-about-2012-7

1998: spielberg films ww2 propaganda throwback saving private ryan, the first of 5 collaborations with CIA asset tom hanks [wife rita wilson's s/t album is a "heartwarming homage of the sounds of Laurel Canyon" thekate.tv/artist/rita-wilson/

2012: crooked drug rehab org "one80 center" rents the lookout mountain property & runs it as a $1500/day celebrity rehab scam (their other 2 facilities are elizabeth taylor's house on summitridge & the old houdini estate, also in laurel canyon)

2013: after investigations into on-site deaths by hollywood reporter & CA a.g. kamala harris, one80 center closes its lookout mountain facility & puts it up for sale - www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/a-list-rehab-closes-thr-618616

2015: academy award-winning joker/cult leader jared leto purchases the lookout mountain facility for $5 million - variety.com/2015/dirt/real-estalker/jared-leto-buys-former-los-angeles-military-compound-1201402725/

Spielberg is a German surname, meaning "lookout mountain". The name is thought to be derived from the name of a 14th century historical Špilberk Castle in Brno, Czech Rpublic.

the constellation continues in the Reviews' comments


A Tale of Two Sisters on Letterboxd

Sean Baker iz fed up with these 'likes' on his 'reviews.'


yo. I finally put together my favorite films/recommendations if anyone is interested. I remember the old school xixax crowd used to be perplexed by my lists.



Sick list. I've seen a good half to maybe 3/4-ish of what's on there (shoutout Meshes of the Afternoon and Funeral Parade of Roses :D) <3<3