Boogie Nights 20th Anniversary

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It's been re-upped to the subreddit:

from r/paulthomasanderson

And it's on the Internet Archive in smaller and larger file sizes:

QuoteDescription of the scenes with timecodes:

1) 00:00 Little Bill opens the door to his bedroom

Workprint adds--

Wide shot of Little Bill's wife grinding on the stud.

Little Bill: What the fuck are you doing?

Little Bill's Wife: What the fuck does it look like I'm doing? I've got a cock in my pussy, you idiot!

(Whole conversation she is continuing to fuck the guy, in the theatrical version she stops grinding during the conversation).

2) 00:32 After Rollergirl says "Don't fucking come in me" Workprint adds:

Jack (off camera): Aim it towards her face, Eddie.

Rollergirl: Fuck you Jack!

Then to the Jack line "aim it at her tits Eddie."

3) 00:46 Workprint has a different shot selection.

Wide angle shot of Dirk laying Amber on the desk and a full view of Dirk's ass as he is pumping repeatedly into Amber. Their dialogue here is indistinct.

The theatrical version uses a close-up of them and the following dialogue before he lays her on the desk: Amber: OK, we're gonna go down now. OK.

4) 01:06 The following lines were added before Dirk comes up to accept his award:

Jessie: I can't wait to get that big cock inside my mouth, my ass, my pussy or any which way he'll give it to me.


Details: When Little Bill walks into the room, the camera follows him inside and we see Little Bill's wife leaning over a desk or bed getting it from behind by another young stud (Thetrical version not showing them at all in this scene) . She turns and looks up at him and then turns back around and continues. The camera follows Little Bill into the room and we see him fire off three shots that hit Little Bill's Wife and the young stud as they collapse onto the floor.

6) 04:05 Brock Landers (Dirk) slaps girl

Workprint adds:

Girl: Do it again, maybe It'll get my pussy wet next time!

[Cut back to Dirk doing interview with Amber]

Dirk: Strength is sexy, you know. My whole thing about being sexy is it has to be masculine, you know?

[Cut to Additional shots of Rollergirl giving him head]

Dirk Voiceover: You can ask any person I've ever worked with, any actress I've never ever put my hand on her. Unless it's in a way they wanted me to.

[Cut back to Dirk doing interview with Amber]

Dirk: In that's just how it is and I think it's very sexy because it's between the two characters, you know? And even though I know you're bad, and you know I'm good, we still get it on.

7) 04:47 Dirk trying to get hard in the bathroom

In the Workprint this was one long take of Dirk stroking his thing. Scotty opens up the door (you see this in the mirror) and kinda of takes a long pause and then shuts the door. Dirk looks up and says:

Dirk: What the fuck?!

Then he turns around and opens the door

Theatrical version adds dissolves of Dirk stroking and the following lines:

Dirk: Your ready, you were born ready. Come on!

8) 05:34 Shot of a house in with the title underneath "Bakersfield, CA"

Jerome: (his head is shaved) Fucking Whore! You're a fucking whore!

Becky (meekly): Jerome, you'd better stop it.

Jerome: (coming at her with a belt) You like big dicks!

Becky: Stop it!

Jerome: I bet you wish my dick was bigger!

Becky: Don't you....

[Jerome hits her in the face] (Scene coninues in deleted scene released on DVD)

9) 06:01 Slightly different take of Rock Harders (Johnny Doe) audible saying "Lick my balls" (line is muted in theatrical version)

10) 06:12 Jack walking through the warehouse.

Worprint adds shots of Jack opening the door to receptionist area where two cops are waiting:

Jack: Hello there.

Cops: You Jack Horner.

Jack: Yeah.

Cops: There was an accident the other day. (scene contunues but is in better quality released on DVD as bonus)

11) 06:25 Longer than in released on DVD deleted scenes take of Becky (that escaped from her husband) sitting at the diner drinking coffee and waiting for Dirk.

Voiceover is from next scene with Amber in court

[Judge voiceover]: Do you have a lawyer with you?

Amber: No, I don't

12) 06:46 Alternate version of scene of Amber in court

13) 07:15 Final Montage. Workprint adds:

Cut to Becky working in a retirement home serving food to some elderly patients.


Quote from: WorldForgot on March 30, 2023, 09:40:07 AMWe need to figure out where Wilberfan can reupload this that won't get pulled down. Xixax Googledrive?
Or someone could edit the vid to put Boogie Nights stars over Nina's nips.


Boogie Nights-era Heather Graham, photographed by Rafael Fuchs (1997).