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Started by BonBon85, February 02, 2003, 02:28:01 PM

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Quote from: USTopGun47I don't know... I kind of enjoyed the Vanilla Sky selections.  Red House Painters, Josh Rouse were some nice attributes.  I think everything in its right place and sweetness follows fit in nicely with the futuristic spin.

i think the todd rungren song fit rather nice indeed

i like the idea of finding old songs and giving them life

how many people have ever heard " feel flows" before he used it


Using old songs can be great, and certain directors have great talents for digging stuff up. Especially Tarentino!  I loved when he used Stuck In the Middle With You in Resevoir Dogs and Midnight Confessions in Jackie Brown.  Moonlight Mile had an exceptional soundtrack with older folk/acoustic/60's music. :)
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See my PTA/Altman/Nilsson thread for more discussion of PTA's use of one great songwriter's works...



The best  song of all PTA movies is ONE from Magnolia but there are two beautiful songs more in that movie, MOMENTUM and SAVE ME and I think Magnolia has one of the best soundtracks of the last years

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Brion's "So Now Then" bit of the score. Of course.
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Quote from: SoNowThenBrion's "So Now Then" bit of the score. Of course.

Yeah, I actually play the score more than the soundtrack these days. My favorite is the "Chance of Rain" piece... perfect for the most emotional section of the film. That is one emotionally exhausting movie. I mean that as a compliment, of course.
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i just saw john brion live last night -- FUCkING AMAZING --quite FUCING UNBELIEVABLE
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The rest of the "Hard Eight" soundtrack is excellent! If you listen in the background when you watch the movie, you can hear a great score from Jon Brion and Michael Penn. For example, the music that plays when the title comes across the screen and the late night scene when John and Clementine drive off to Niagra Falls. Now, if you have the film on DVD, you can click on the 2nd commentary track and hear some of the music when it plays. But what's interesting is the music that plays when Clementine and John drive off doesn't take place in that scene. So, where can you find the music to "Hard Eight"??? I tried Kazaa Lite, but no luck. Can someone please give me a website or some device for the music to the movie besides "Clementine's Loop"?
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I'm too fucking late, but anyway:
I just have seen "Sydney" one time, so I can't really remember some music, but..

"Driver's Seat" combined with Philip Baker Halls introduction as well as Thomas Jane's. So amazing!
"The Big Top" (thanks MacGuffin!) by Michael Penn
And of course the "Clementine's Loop"!
And last but not least "Spill the Wine".

"One" in the title sequence.
The Supertramp-song during the bar scene.
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I love how William H Macy had the same pop song from the 90's always playing when he got in the car.  I got a chuckle ouf of that.
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Quote from: auroraBOOGIE NIGHTS
ELO - Livin Thing     Best fucking credits song! It fits so well - especially with the cool title cards with character and actor name!!
I couldn't agree more with you on that selection for a closer. Something about it just really works well. The opener of (You've Got) The Best Of My Love is a lively song to start off with . I grew up in the late 70's and early 80's, so mostly all of this music kind of hits home. Actually, whe whole album's soundtrack fits so perfectly to the movies era and especially some scenes. Sister Christian/Jessie's Girl while the ripoff scene went down was great. The Machine Gun dance scene was especially good too.

Boogie Shoes
Spill The Wine
You Sexy Thing

For some reason, I am hooked on this film........

OK PTA freaks, my guess is that he selects his own music instead of someone else doing the soundtrack score for him? I saw no credits for it on imdb except for the music made for the movie by Michael Penn.
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I just watched Boogie Nights again tonight and I was really paying attention to the music selections. This has got to be one of the greatest soundtracks ever assembled. With the help of the My Boogie Nights Gift To You All thread, I finally have every song in the movie!
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Quote from: Duck SauceClementine Loop
Can somebody please tell me where in the movie this is b/c it's not listed on the soundtrack @ imdb and I haven't a clue as to what song/music this is.
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