Phantom Thread - SPOILERS!

Started by matt35mm, November 24, 2017, 07:59:23 PM

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I'm thinking wardrobe continuity Polaroid, maybe?


Never seen this bts shot before. They both look so happy!


In the restaurant Reynolds always eats at, there's a shot early on ( when meeting Cyril there) where the camera is clearly being hidden in the mirror behind them by a huge patch of tarnish. Later on when a young woman says she wants to be buried in his dresses, the mirror is visible and NOT tarnished. Any one know what they might have used to achieve this? Did they replace the mirror for one shot or use some sort of process to tarnish it? Could it be digital?


I think I remember in the youtube live discussions with the Phantom Thread team they talked about using VFX to hide cameras/lights in the restaurant mirrors. It was either in the livestream or the Q&A but they're both super long so I can't remember where exactly it came up or if it's the exact scene you're referring to.


Thanks for the links! I had a feeling it was digitally done since the mirror looked so authentic to the location. Can't imagine some centuries old pub letting them do anything to the place.