HAIM - "Valentine"

Started by velociraptor, April 27, 2017, 09:45:40 AM

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I saw it. Really poppy and peppy. Like the first album. Probably the weakest of his videos with them, most simple alongside Man From Magazine but cute. Danielle walking around a wedding recital. Knocks over Alana's drink. But cute. Visually, looks like the movie--blue flares, anamorphic, white blowout



I love the video. As usual, there's barely a song there, though.


Quote from: Drenk on March 01, 2022, 10:39:38 AMI love the video. As usual, there's barely a song there, though.

Nice chilled song i reckon. If you aint a Haim fan though not surprised if you dont.


Didn't realize Pearl was in the video when I saw in theaters


Oh, yeah.  The light-blue dress, right?  I hadn't noticed that either...

And another head-scratch & a shrug from me in terms of my reaction to the vid itself.    I'm curious who *pays* for these (in terms of production)? 

A lot of the 'regulars', huh?:

Director: Paul Thomas Anderson
Producers: Sara Murphy, Erica Frauman
Gaffer: Mike Bauman
Production Designer: Florencia Martin
Editor: Andy Jurgensen

Recording Produced by Danielle Haim, Ariel Rechtshaid, John DeBold

Production Companies: Ghoulardi Film Company, Connect the Dots

1st Assistant Camera: Trevor Loomis
2nd Assistant Camera: Chris Sloan
Film Loader: Bobby Pavlovsky

Electrics: Tommy Dangcil, Mike Lyon, Thomas McCarty
Key Grip: Jeffrey Sherman Kunkel
Best Boy Grip: Joe Chouchanian
Dolly Grip: John Mang
Grips: Vic Chouchanian, Matt Michaels

Prop Master: William R. Potter
Food Stylist: Patricia Riley
Prop Assistants: William McMillin, Leah Schiros

Playback: Pearl Anderson

Digital Colorist: Gregg Garvin
DI Producer: Vincent Pirozzi

Styling: Sara Moonves
Hair: Mara Roszak
Make-up: Loftjet

Panavision Cameras: Lori Killam, Dan Sasaki
FotoKem: Andrew Oran, Mark Van Horne
Roundabout: Digital Finishing

Shot on Kodak 35mm film on location at The Balboa Golf Course, Encino,
January 26, 2022

Music video by HAIM performing Lost Track. © 2022 HAIM Productions Inc., under exclusive licence to Universal Music Operations Limited



Some new/old pictures of Paul working on HAIM's third album and Man From the Magazine music video


Damn! So many good ones on Grant's site ~


What is "Playback?"  Pearl's credit.


Running the film or audio back to watch in the monitor most likely.


On a music video set, playing the song you're making a video for over speakers so the performance matches up with the recorded version.