Inherent Vice - SPOILERS!

Started by MacGuffin, October 01, 2014, 02:10:50 PM

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Have we seen this yet?

Hunting Pynchon (Cazar a Pynchon)
The gossip magazine 'National Enquirer' manages, after months of searching, to find the eighty-year-old writer, and displays him, disrespectfully, as a hunting trophy

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QuoteIn the photograph, Thomas Pynchon is wearing a black jacket and a cane. Trousers with mid-calf pockets and white sneakers that look like the kind of sneakers an octogenarian would be at home in. He also wears round-rimmed glasses that look like pinkeye. He sports abundant white hair and a neat white beard. He is an older man who has left home with his son, reporters say, to go vote. It is, I also think, a hunting trophy, a bit to score on who knows what board, because, I tell myself, it was never difficult to find Pynchon. You just had to do what the National Enquirer reporters did. Talk to booksellers, doormen, neighbors. Follow his son Jackson. His wife Melanie his. Find him, score the goal. And after that? After, nothing. What is a photograph if not one more piece of the puzzle that Pynchon himself has made of the elusive figure of him? James Joyce said that he had put so many riddles and riddles in the Ulysses that he was going to keep the teachers busy "for centuries", arguing about what he had meant. That was the only way, he said, to ensure immortality. In this sense, it would seem that Pynchon, as a mythological being, works in himself, is his own Ulysses. Perhaps the only writer who will never be overshadowed by any of his works. So, to the regret of the proud National Enquirer reporters, his hunting trophy is a (disrespectfully) minor hunting trophy.


I've seen it but can't recall if it was posted earlier in the thread.


So we assume the only "cameo" is the man made up to look like young Pynchon in the window at the band party?

There was the Brolin quote about Pynchon being on set one day where was that? One would assume at Mickey Wolfmann's house when all the cops are there?


He was probably just visiting the set.



The only shot with that fence is the one with Doc and Shasta running in the rain, isn't it? As far as I remember a long dolly shot was reported during the shooting (as one of few elaborate shots in a pretty simple movie in terms of camera movement, which worried my personally a little bit since I had expected Boogie Nights vol 2 back then) and was later linked to that scene in the actual movie. Or am I missing something?


Looks like the golden fang/ouija memory to me too. Maybe a rehearsal or before adding the rain in?


When Doc drives to the Pussy Eating Thing and kids run by the car would be another possibility.


Quote from: Drenk on April 13, 2021, 09:37:42 AM
When Doc drives to the Pussy Eating Thing and kids run by the car would be another possibility.

Brick and red flags (hehe) outside Chick Planet


Not sure if this has been brought up before but I thought it was a neat find. The scene in which Doc is reading about Wolfmann in the newspaper and is told Bigfoot was looking for him was filmed outside Walker's cafe which was also a filming location in Polanski's Chinatown. The cafe can be seen when Gittes first tails Hollis Mulwray and puts the pocket watch under his tire. I don't know how to post pictures but you can tell from the establishing shots and BTS footage from Chryskylodon Blues. Anyway, pretty cool and very subtle homage to another detective classic.


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