INHERENT VICE (No Major Spoilers)

Started by cronopio 2, December 02, 2010, 09:51:28 AM

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it's like Barry stumbling upon the loophole in the pudding promotion, only with no monetary value.

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A lot of movies get early digital releases now.


I would still like to fit in another theatrical viewing and then I'm going to wait for the Bluray release, which is likely the better value. I would be interested in seeing some screen caps of the HD transfer that's up on iTunes, though.

On a related note, I recently had an entire season of Mad Men vanish from my iTunes library; Apple doesn't own the license to most content, so it's liable to be pulled by the provider at any given moment. I didn't have the episodes stored on my computer, but you can always re-download purchased items from the cloud -- unless you can't! I somehow doubt it would happen with IV, but it's made me think twice before buying content via iTunes. I used to be a big fan of that method and have several TV shows attached to my account, but this recent mixup is a reminder of the virtues of physical media. In Apple's defence, I contacted their support team and they did supply me with some credits to re-download the episodes. Also, renting and streaming via Apple TV is still super convenient.

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Quote from: Pubrick on September 11, 2012, 06:33:41 PM
anyway it was after i posted my first serious fanalysis. after the long post all he could say was that the main reason he wanted to see the master was cos of all the red heads.


Extras? I didnt get any of those when I downloaded it.


It's directly on iTunes, you scroll down on the IV page and, if you've bought the movie, you can click on iTunes extras. And watch them.

Something Spanish

weird, can't figure it out but the extras won't play for me. purchased IV the day it came out digitally and didn't see these extras as an option, did itunes just recently tack them on? guess i'll have to wait until the blu-ray or someone uploads these to youtube


I was watching the Limp music video and found this very interesting shot! They are identical!



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My favourite out of all the IV-associated posters/cover art. Gonna pre-order this on bluray next month.


Jonny Greenwood released the instrumental for spooks on BBC 1 radio during a FlyLo session.

You can listen to the full thing here, JG doesnt kick in till the last third:

Also uploaded the mp3 over here: Link died, it's on youtube now anyway.


Question about officially printed posters of the film:
Did the Joaquin rainbow color head on black background design get officially printed and sent to movie theaters or just the "pink legs" poster?
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