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children with angels

Although I love the movie, with reference to the final shot I have to ask: does anyone else get reminded too much of the ending of The Player to find it TOTALLY amazing...?
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Finally saw it. actually today also saw Far From Heaven which was great. But this one totally blew me away, I just couldn't take my eyes off it, it was a marvelous script, astonishing performances ... everything great.

Kaufman is simply a genous, as some poster mentioned I couldn't see ever what was coming next and was so curious about how in the hell he was going to ended it, the film (IMO) is perfect.

Favourite moments:

- While in the writers seminar or whatever, the voice over of Kaufman saying he just hit bottom by attending.
- Phone conversation between Orlean (when she was high) and Laroche.
- Catherine Keener is in my house?

Cage really outdid himself, he was just a knock out, the personalities were beyond perfection.

Anyway, amazing film on every aspect.

Just one question because I totally missed it, why the waitress reacted that way when he asked to come to the exhibition?

Changing the subject finally onlate april PDL will arrive, can't wait.


i think it's because she was being nice as a waiter, and he took it to mean that she was attracted to him.
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Quote from: bigideasi think it's because she was being nice as a waiter, and he took it to mean that she was attracted to him.

I asked the same question and got the exact same answer. It's still not perfectly clear to me when I see it. It seems like there's a piece of dialogue missing or something, like where she would say "Oh, I'm sorry...I'm busy" or something like that. I don't get how the conversation just stops all of a sudden. She doesn't really shoot him down...but he reacts like she does.

I don't know. I love the movie. I don't know what I'm talking about.


sometimes conversations are awkward

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So did we figure out when the "switch" happens? (when it becomes Donald's movie) .... I think it's as soon as Donald reads the script. He immediately sounds more intelligent, and they start fulfilling Donald's strange cliche ideas.. like dancing to that one song, and spying on Susan Orlean... there are more details that I can't remember, but yeah, that's when it happens, right?
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Donald's "the three" is making fun of Phillip K. Dick's 'A Scanner Darkly.' A book which charlie himself was asked to adapt and whose script was rejected by the producers.


In an early draft of the script, like early early 99, the ending was a bit more fantastical. Donald and charlie run through the swamp and find a small plane. they start flying away and orlean is shooting her gun out the passenger side window of laroche's van and the plane explodes in a ball of fire and they land in a lake. charlie is attacked by an alligator and donald grabs a broken shard of the planes window or something and stabs the alligator. They break free and wash up on shore where donald dies, i forget how, either shot, or injured by the explosion. Charlie is then chased by laroche and orlean until the final sequence where, and i'm not joking, a giant bigfootesque swamp ape, mildly referred to earlier in the script, leaps out of the swamp, presumably all CG and attacks laroche and the ranger from the beginning of the movie arresting laroche. it kills the ranger and leaves. laroche is just about to kill charlie when donald comes out of nowhere and kills laroche. donald's dying words "at least now you have a great third act."

i can see why they toned it down, but isn't that fuckin hilarious?

nic cage's best line in the whole movie, when charlie invites donald to new york...

"Oh my God, yes!"

it's perfectly pronounced and emphasizes Donald's longing for a relationship with his brother.
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      - Charlie Kaufman

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this film is now on the dollar theater circuit. it's playing here. if it's anything like PDL, i'd better catch it this week.

actually, i remember Adaptation stayed at our theater about 3 or 4 weeks. i think 25th Hour came here the same week and only lasted a week.
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to be honest, i didn't put two and two together either.
there were interferences though.
for one, the film was projected wrong (i couldn't read any of the titles)
for two, there was a couple talking annoyingly.

i remember getting real bored at some point in the film, but i want to see it again.

hopefully i'll catch it for 3 bucks this week.
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Quote from: bigideashopefully i'll catch it for 3 bucks this week.

Or save that cash and pick up the DVD on the 20th.
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yeah, but it doesn't seem like a film that i would watch over and over......and the dvd is bare bones, right?
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abbey road

today is the 20th, everyone go out and buy adaptation.
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$16.99 at Best Buy for the Superbit version.

Can anyone beat that?
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Gee willikers, I haven't seen this yet, and even though I think I've read lots of spoilers on this board, I still really want to see it but I'm really low on cash so I'm going to read that Stealing DVD thread now
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Got mine today for $29.99 CDN, which is about $22 US.
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