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Started by MacGuffin, December 02, 2009, 10:12:15 PM

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It seems there are chairs on that set, so I bet someone in this movie is going to sit down at some point.


There's no music in the picture, so the movie's going to be scoreless?
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You've been warned.
Stop reading!
Having read the script, I'm pretty confident that this is the scene in which God (represented by the beam of light) infuses the chairs with consciousness and the ability to move, in order to punish The Master for being a false prophet.

The chairs then wait for The Master to sit down on them, but The Master overhears their plan and fools them into thinking that he's about to sit down. Just as he bends down to sit, he turns around and stabs the first chair. The second and third chairs attack, but that's when Freddie comes from out of the shadows and pulls the chairs off of The Master, screaming, "I'M GONNA BREAK YOUR LEGS!" with a violent exuberance that we've never seen from him before. Blood pours from the chairs, organs and bone exposed. The Master turns to Freddie: "Do you see? Do you SEE??"

In the scene after that, The Master bans his followers from sitting. Everyone seems confused. The Master and Freddie share a knowing look. They have now bonded.

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FYI, this is Spoiler Awareness Week.
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Oh JB, I'm pretty sure you've been had.


That made me so happy. You probably didn't read all of it in order to avoid what you thought was a spoiler, but I'm still going to imagine that you read every word that thought, "No! He ruined the movie!"


Hahaha I knew something good would come of this.
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 :bravo: Matt

I like the smoky atmosphere there. Makes it seem conspiratorial. Judging by the low angle (and the fact it's been leaked) I wouldn't be surprised if this is a very early scene, possibly where Jonathan and The Master meet for the first time. The low angle giving us a perspective of The Master as a larger-than-life, towering figure. Nice contract between the intimate dining table set for two and the wide empty room around them. That's Kubrickian right there.
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Quote from: matt35mm on August 31, 2011, 11:01:52 AMYou probably didn't read all of it in order to avoid what you thought was a spoiler

That is correct. I stopped at "beam of light." Just my luck, it becomes obvious with the next line. :doh:

On one level, I'm disappointed, because I thought PTA might be moving in a new bold direction with God being represented by a beam of light, because that sounds like something he just might do, and possibly quite epic if done right.

But I'm actually incredibly relieved that I wasn't spoiled, because that would have been a massive spoiler. I was so upset about this, I was actually coming back to this thread to say I'm done reading it.

Thank you.

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there will be hate (shot in the kubrickian form) lmao

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I'm actually kind of glad there's not too much news floating around about this film.
I spoiled parts of the last two movies for myself (and a bit of Magnolia, i.e. I read something about frogs), and I want to go into this one blind.  Besides the plotline, actors and Fiona Dourif running around, I think I'm pretty happy about remaining spoiler-free here.

So basically, the news will be "IT'S A BOY!" for me until next year


"At last night's Ides of March party Phillip Seymour Hoffman -- a.k.a. "Philly" -- insisted that Paul Thomas Anderson's The Master, which he just finished filming, is "not a Scientology film." But I've read an early draft and it seems to be about a Scientology-like cult, i said to him. And I've read about the parallels. "I don't know what you've heard and what script you've read," Hoffman replied. "Trust me, it's not about Scientology."

Maybe not specifically or literally, but there are just too many proofs and indications that The Master (or whatever it's eventually going to be called) is at least about a cult with a charismatic L. Ron Hubbard-type leader that could be seen as a metaphor for Scientology. At least that. Read this February 2010 Playlist analysis and tell me it's not that. And that Hoffman's denial isn't perhaps a little too definitive."



he's just saying what i've been saying for 100 pages..

boogie nights is NOT a biopic of John C Holmes or a "metaphor" for john c holmes. magnolia is NOT about the fucking bible. chere mill is NOT about whatever that oil tycoon he based it on or whatever else he's stolen from real life.

everyone is perfectly fine with accepting that boogie nights is not a biopic about the life of john c holmes despite the MANY similarities and allusions, because who the fuck cares about john c holmes.. but because scientology is such a hot topic it's really incredibly difficult for people to imagine that the film is about anything OTHER than that most basic of references, because what in the world could be more important or scandalous than scientology?

oh a serious film that will stand the test of time and deals with greater themes than just a mere piece of shit fad religion? we can't print that in the gossip pages! people want BLOOD! fuck outta here anyone who keeps thinking this will bring down scientology.. i'll be over here, watching the actual film.
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Quote from: Pubrick on September 11, 2011, 03:16:14 AM

boogie nights is NOT a biopic of John C Holmes or a "metaphor" for john c holmes. magnolia is NOT about the fucking bible. chere mill is NOT about whatever that oil tycoon he based it on or whatever else he's stolen from real life.

and PDL isn't about that guy who found the healthy choice airline miles loophole. Or, not that particular guy. Fuck that guy.


Sounds like the Citizen Kane battle.
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