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Started by MacGuffin, March 06, 2007, 08:56:51 PM

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Children of Men
The Departed
The Fountain
Pan's Labyrinth
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I love you guys.  I love you guys so much.   :yabbse-cry:
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You're kidding....christ. I guess I need to see this again, because apparently it's better than The Fountain.

The Red Vine

Great to see this win. This was easily my favorite movie of the year. Cuaron is simply amazing.
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great. the one that wins is the only one i haven't seen
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I can't see why you people love that film so much.


This is wrong.  So very wrong.
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wait.  maybe for this to work, people should say why they hate Children Of Men and what they would have chosen instead.   i voted for The Departed but would've been pretty happy with any of these 5 nominees.  i might've called bullshit on INLAND or Pans but there have been worse tragedies. 
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Quote from: modage on March 08, 2007, 12:47:28 PM
maybe for this to work, people should say why they hate Children Of Men

But that's just it.  According to the Top 10 2006 thread, a chunk of the people up in arms about its win still liked it enough to put it on their lists.  Maybe it was below the other 4 but, lackluster year or not, it seems like the majority of the voters can agree that it's at least one of the year's best.


I didn't hate Children of Men, but for pete's sake, it wasn't the best movie of the year. It's in my top 15, but so are a lot of other movies that are not the best of the year. It just simply shouldn't be the winner.


This is just the way that awards voting works.  Say you have a group of people compiling a top five list of the year's films; if Children of Men is number five on each of their lists, but each person's top four is completely different, Children of Men would end up in the top slot.  Like any other democratic process, it's based on consensus, not on any one person's avidity towards any particular movie. 

I think it's probably safe to say that the people who voted for Children of Men were, as a whole, less passionate about the film than the people who voted for INLAND EMPIRE or the Fountain were for those films.  There were, however, more of us than there were of you.
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Oh I understand how voting works. I just think it's a shame because I think Children of Men is a boring choice. I respect xixax and people who post here, and Children of Men is not a bad movie, but I guess it's just because people can be so passionate about films, the way I like The Fountain, or the way P likes INLAND EMPIRE, even though he hasn't seen it, or the way you like Children of Men and that French girl. Xixax represents so many fringe points of view that are great to read for individual films, but when the votes are cast, I guess the math renders these views obsolete in favor of a consensus. I guess it works in the way that a person is smart, but people are stupid. I'm not calling anyone stupid, I'm just trying to say that I was more excited by the nominations than the winners, and I think that's my point.


so now that ive seen inland empire, i guess that's the one that should have won...


Quote from: Alexandro on July 09, 2007, 06:49:52 PM
so now that ive seen inland empire, i guess that's the one that should have won...

Where did you see it?????


At the cineteca of my city, it was part of the "2007 international cineteca forum", which is actually touring mexico right now. so, I catched it a couple of weeks back in monterrey, but now Im in Xalapa, and the forum starts here today and I guess I'll catch it again here in a few days...