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Quote from: picolas on April 09, 2007, 03:43:12 PM
Quote from: RedVines on April 08, 2007, 09:09:39 PMit's his most mature movie yet.
what does that mean?

He can write an intellegent and thoughtful script about older adults without guns going off at every second. With "Jackie Brown", he isn't concerned about pleasing younger audiences. He's more concerned with characters and relationships. He wants to serve his material.
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'Jackie Brown' Prequel Being Made, Minus Tarantino
by Monika Bartyzel; Cinematical

For the most part, the masses seem perfectly fine with Quentin Tarantino's tendency to infuse his films with a neverending stream of cinematic references and homages. But what about other people tackling Tarantino's world and vision? Do the same rules apply?

According to JoBlo, there is a Jackie Brown prequel in the works, titled The Switch. The big catch, or switch as the case may be, is that QT has nothing to do with this. He merely gave his blessing on the project and moved on. Dan Schechter adapted Elmore Leonard's novel, and the author will be one of the film's executive producers. As Tarantino mentioned to the Telegraph back in February, this is the book that turned the filmmaker into a Leonard fan, even though that wasn't the film he ultimately made.

The Samuel L. Jackson and Robert De Niro characters Ordell Robbie and Louis Gara lead this tale, which finds the pair becoming fast friends in prison, and then teaming up back in the real world for a big job -- kidnapping the wife of a rich developer for ransom. But in an Overboard-type twist, the guy doesn't want his "beloved" back. With a ticked off wife now in their ranks, they have to move towards Plan B.

The film will soon head out to find a director and cast.
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I read The Switch a few years ago. It's my favorite Elmore Leonard novel and felt more cinematic than Rum Punch. It is funny and has that Leonard flavor. It would be ideal for Tarantino but he already did that with JB. On the other hand, good Leonard adaptations are hard to come by. Only a truly solid director can make them justice.


I just read 'Rum Punch'. I knew there was something kinda lacking, I felt like I had to keep playing catch up with all the characters backstories. Had no idea there was a prequel, but that's not a surprise with Leonard. Gotta go pick up 'The Switch' now. I think Elmore Leonard is my favorite writer simply because whenever I start to read his books, I have to finish them.


have you seen Justified yet?
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No, cool. It's impressive how much of his stuff has been adapted. 3:10 to Yuma, The Big Bounce, and 52-pick up each have two different film versions. I have barely scratched the surface of this guy's work, but all praises due to Jackie Brown for introducing me to him.

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watched a 35mm print last sat. night, forgot what a powerhouse this was. saw it again at home during the week. as good as anything he's ever done. QT's blaxpolitation/south bay spin on rum punch makes the source material as much his own as it is leonard's. what struck me most these viewing after not having seen it for like 16 years, was sam jackson as ordell robbie, just what a badass gangster he is, he's a fucking feral animal by the end, was completely transfixed by the performance. everyone in it is amazing, but Jackson stood out the most, becoming more and more desperately vicious as the story unfolds, eventually landing as one of the more terrifying baddies in my recollection. amazing how such a simple pulpy crime plot has this many layers to it. i can't rank his movies, the love I have for them all is basically equal. the only QT excluded from this circle of love is Death Proof, been a while since i've seen it, and while i think it's a good movie, it's just nowhere near the level of any of the others.