how we lost interest in him

Started by cron, March 04, 2005, 10:01:51 PM

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nawww man that's so dumb. don't give him a free pass. and at this point no one loves qt more than qt. still. he's yet to make a movie i hate. i'm just worried inglorious will be the true beginning of his real-life pomposity melding into his actual work.


Quote from: hedwig on August 15, 2009, 11:41:25 PM
Hahahah. It's ... impossible for me to be offended by Quentin Tarantino at this point. I've come full circle. I like him again. It's fine with me. I wish I could rewatch Kill Bill Vol. 1 right now. And I'm very excited for Inglourious Basterds or whatever it's called.  :yabbse-thumbup:
haha what the fuck! this is what whiskey does to me.


Quote from: picolas on August 16, 2009, 02:45:32 AM
nawww man that's so dumb. don't give him a free pass. and at this point no one loves qt more than qt. still. he's yet to make a movie i hate. i'm just worried inglorious will be the true beginning of his real-life pomposity melding into his actual work.

How many more films do you give this guy?
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He never makes bad movies. It's not like he's M. Night or something. His movies are always, if nothing else, a lot of fun and don't take themselves too seriously.

I can only speak for myself, but I just wish his influences were great movies instead of weak sauce b-flicks.
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yeah stefen sums it up pretty well.


yeah exactly... I like Russ Meyer as much as the next guy but I'm pretty sure QT makes him out to be better than Welles or Kubrick. That's just silly talk.

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Tarantino is better to be influenced by bad movies. He is a creature of stylistic films and if he started to directly take from great films, his shortcomings would be highlighted more.

When Sergio Leone remade Kurosawa's Yojimbo, the remake was obviously a stylistic departure and weaker than the original. A Fistful of Dollars was rightly criticized because the original was sincere to the themes and the remake wasn't. When Sergio Leone stopped remaking good films with The Good, The Bad, And the Ugly and Once Upon a Time in the West, he was better credited for his stylistic choices.

Tarantino needs to exist in his own realm. He needs to continue to be honest to his own taste buds, but I think he just needs to show better judgement about what is worthwhile to him. In the discussion of genre movies, there are levels of quality. It seems Tarantino started out his career by investigating the better genre movies. Afterwards he continued to explore other genre movies, but doing so has led him to some less forgivable genre, but he does it in the name of exploration. I would like to see him revisit some old subjects and see if he can find new ways to tell those older stories.

Sergio Leone is a hero to Tarantino, but he was able to make numerous Westerns. It shouldn't be above Tarantino to make numerous gangsters movies. It seems to be his best genre.


i agree 100% with GT, if Tarantino is going to take major influence from anything it's much better when it's kinda bad trashy stuff, but has brilliant bits.  tarantino is great not only in recognizing the brilliance of genre stuff that is often overlooked, but he also has a knack for bringing many of those moments together in the ultimate homage film.  this model doesn't work if he's influenced by Terrence malick, or someone similar, because that kinda film is more about the whole, despite having some astonishing moments.  Tarantino works in pieces.

however, the best tarantino is when he writes more organically and influence (be it high or low brow) isn't so clear cut.  the problem is, he has this "I'm going to tackle a (insert genre) movie" mentality and i think that's kinda bullshit.  sure sure, people saw his influences in reservoir dogs and pulp fiction but they didn't ooze too much of fanboy.  also, they were lower budget and less colourful/glossy.  because everything seems like a set in his movies now, from all of kill bill(s) to the bar in death proof.

i actually like everything he's ever made, not a single film disappointed me enough to give it a fail.  while i do nod my head understanding most points made in this thread, it's more-so because tarantino to me is a solid director that used to be inspirational.  his newer stuff reeks of intent, the older stuff was made from a frame of mind that wasn't expecting the audience's reaction.  though i bet it's hard to lose that headspace due to his popularity, every script is written with the fans/critics's possible reaction from the moment of it's inception i'm sure.  maybe the best thing for tarantino's future originality would be if he had the ultimate bonfire of the vanities failure that would force him back down to earth.
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 if he's 48 and he kept his average (which i do not know, come on smart people!) how many would that equal?
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well Neil, he's been releasing one movie approximately every two years since Kill Bill v.1, and approximately every three years since Reservoir Dogs.  So if he makes movies until he's sixty it would be fair to say we can expect 4-5 more.  According to my calculations. 

I hope he goes through a Fassbinder phase at some point.   


it's not the wrench, it's the plumber.