kill bill: the whole bloody affair

Started by Alethia, June 05, 2004, 12:03:13 AM

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I'm looking for one too! I finally bought the Japanese Director's cut of Kill Bill Vol. 1 ( with the Crazy 88 sequence in color )

Reelist if you mean a Japanese blu-ray, it will play in a regular North American player, as they're both Region A. If it's a DVD that's a different story.

I got the DVD, I couldn't find this cut on blu ray, but now I'm seeing that the "Whole Bloody Affair" has that cut except the only blu ray available I can find is in 720p ( if you go to image 10 )

Is this even an official release? I've never heard of a blu ray that isn't 1080p. What's so goddamn difficult about releasing a straight up directors cut!?
Now that I have the Japanese version, I'm beginning to wonder if it even has English subtitles.. Maybe I would be better off with "The Whole Bloody Affair" I at least wouldn't need to buy an all new player to watch it. The thing is, the Kill Bills are my least favorite of all his films after watching them over and over. I think there will be something about this cut where it will finally 'click' for me.


If the DVD you have is this version it apparently includes English subtitles, as well as both Japanese and English audio tracks. doesn't show the uncut version of Kill Bill as having been released in Japan, and the releases that do exist there are all 1080p:

That copy on eBay is most definitely a bootleg, likely an upscale sourced from DVD versions.

According to this thread, the blu-ray version of the film you want doesn't have an official release:

Quote from: RickWJ324The Whole Bloody Affair is supposed to be a Director's Cut of both films made into one movie. To date, I don't believe it has ever been made in any region.

Japan had 2 dvd's with extra scenes (which I have) but never the cut containing both films together.
Quote from: BluBonnetWasn't this released un Japan?

Quote from: ZombiAidNot on Blu-Ray.
Quote from: ps3bd_ownerIt was, in Japan.
Quote from: SockoI would buy Kill Bill Vol.1 if it was entirely in color.


Great, thanks! Yeah, that's the one I got.