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Started by Gold Trumpet, December 12, 2003, 06:21:54 PM

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Gold Trumpet

The playground comment was suppose to be a joke. I thought that was obvious given how left field it was to the tone of what I was saying. Either way, I agree with you on the nirvana comparison, but the larger question here is how much do people believe in the talent of Quentin Tarantino. Some see him as well done fluff and others as high art. Tarantino's "art" is in question and how much people believe in it. On second thought, I think I should have begun my question asking people what side of the ball they stood on this issue.


I think it's art, mainly because it's a mesh of foreign arthouse cinema and american and hong kong B-movies.  The outcome is pure entertainment in every sense of the word.  I totally don't think his stuff is "fluff".  He does what Sergio Leone did 30 years before him, by taking something we've seen already and putting a different spin on it.  There are too many little things that make his movies either perfect or near perfect to be taken lightly.  He makes his versions of his favorite films by matching nearly every detail from the most subtle camera shot to the most obvious hairstyle.  He's an artist, no question, as far as I'm concerned.
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Quote from: ┬ębradi just don't understand what u get from making these lists w/ all these rankings. it doesn't mean anything.

instead of rankings, why don't u just say what u like/dislike about the films?

In all seriousness, I like these things as a quick reference to how people tier a filmmaker's work. It's like a quick discussion guide sheet. We can start from the list, and get into talking from there.
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Reservoir Dogs = *** 1/2

Pulp Fiction = **** 1/2

Jackie Brown = *** 1/2

Kill Bill = ***

I think Pulp Fiction is indeed a modern masterpiece for a zillion different reasons, Reservoir Dogs was a fresh take on a played-out genre, Jackie Brown was a very mature offering in terms of themes typically covered in QT films, and Kill Bill was a very fun film- heavy on style, with a slick visceral wallop, but the weakest of his films in terms of substance.

Just Withnail

Reservoir Dogs: ***

Pulp Fiction: ****

Jackie Brown: ***

Kill Bill Vol. 1: *** 1/2


Pulp Fiction ****

Reservoir Dogs ****

Jackie Brown ****

True Romance ***1/2

From Dusk Till Dawn ***

Four Rooms, "The Man From Hollywood" ***

I haven't seen Kill Bill so I suck.


GT, i think it's safe to say that ur experiment failed miserably.
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I like these lists.  I am board, so Here is mine

out of four

Reservoir Dogs ****
Pulp Fiction ****
Jackie Brown ****
Kill Bill ****

Natural Born Killers ** 1/2
True Romance ***1/2
Four Rooms **
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El Duderino

Reservoir Dogs ****
Pulp Fiction ****
Jackie Brown ***
Kill Bill Volume One ****
Kill Bill Voume Two ****

True Romance ***
Four Rooms *
Natural Born Killers ***
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Reservoir Dogs **1/2
Pulp Fiction ****
Jackie Brown ***
Kill Bill: Volume One ****
Kill Bill: Volume Two ***
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reservoir dogs - ***
pulp fiction - ****
Jackie Brown - ****
Kill Bill (as one film, now having seen both volumes) - ****


reservoir dogs: :guns:  :guns:  :guns:  :guns:

pulp fiction:  :whip:   :laughing2:   :embrace:  

jackie brown:  :notworthy:  :love:  :yabbse-question:   :yabbse-grin:

kill bill:  8)   :rofl:   :roll:   :(




out of four stars

Reservoir Dogs - ****
Pulp Fiction - ****
Jackie Brown - ***1/2
Kill Bill: Volume 1 - ****
Kill Bill : Volume 2 - ****
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Django Unchained
Pulp Fiction
Jackie Brown
Kill Bill Vol. 1
Inglourious Basterds
Reservoir Dogs
Kill Bill Vol. 2
The Hateful Eight