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Started by Gold Trumpet, December 12, 2003, 06:21:54 PM

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Quote from: SydneyReservoir Dogs - * * * *
Pulp Fiction - * * * *
Jackie Brown - * * * *
Kill Bill - * * * *
Quote from: Jeremy BlackmanI'd give all four of them ****
Quote from: Brock Landers
Quote from: Brock LandersKill Bill Vol 1 *** 1/2

Make that a 4, I wasn't thinking straight. :oops:
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I think of Tarantino movies like children.  You can say you love them all equally, but deep down, there are favorites.  Personally, I'm a Jackie Brown man.  I dig Quentin's assessment that it's a 'hang out' movie.


Jackie Brown is his best, but Pulp is just a genuine favourite. Its got the characters, the structure, the originality, the dialogue and the soundtrack that make it so much.... fun.

Quote from: Pdogs *
pulp *
jack *
killb *

*bows down and grasps P's feet*

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Quote from: Pdogs *
pulp *
jack *
killb *

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Reservoir Dogs ***½
Pulp Fiction ****+
Jackie Brown ****
Kill Bill ***½

I think I really overrated Kill Bill when it came out (problem I have with a lot of films because of hype, excitement, whatever), but looking back on it, it really is an exercise of style over substance.  Still, it's a good one.  Pulp Fiction is just gold, and Jackie Brown is excellent as well.  Reservoir Dogs is really stylized for a film with such a low budget as well, and I like Ebert's criticism of it, even though I like the film more than he did: that characters in such dire situations wouldn't do as much talking (as the Tim Roth character does), and perhaps more should be done with his characters instead of just talking.


Reservior Dogs *** (Michael Madsen and the conversation about color names were my favorite things about this movie)
Pulp Fiction *** 1/2 (Very interesting plot and it captivated me the whole way through.)
Jackie Brown ****  (most underrated, smart and best film)
Kill Bill vol. 1 *** (fluff compared to his earlier works, but had enough enjoyable style and energy to boost my rating to 3 stars)







I think they all deserve four stars so I'll list them in order of favorites:

1. Pulp Fiction

2. Jackie Brown

3. Reservoir Dogs

4. Kill Bill
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"Sex relieves stress, love causes it."
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Reservoir Dogs- ****

Pulp Fiction- ****

Jackie Brown-***1/2

Kill Bill Vol. 1- ****

I love that muthafucker!
The only other person who can match that with their first four films is PTA:

Hard Eight- ***1/2
Boogie Nights- ****
Magnolia- ****
Punch-Drunk Love- ****

Some people are getting close...like Wes Anderson

Bottle Rocket- ***1/2
Rushmore- ****
Royal Tenenbaums- ***1/2

Maybe after he makes another film he'll rank up there with those two for best four film starts of the past two decades, if not all time. :lol:
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Reservoir Dogs: *** 1/2
Pulp Fiction: *** 1/2
Jackie Brown: ****
KB: ****

...oh what the hell

Hard Eight: ***
Boogie Nights: ****
Magnolia: *********************************************
PDL: ** 1/2

Bottle Rocket: **
Rushmore: ****
The Royal Tenenbaums: *** 1/2
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Reservoir Dogs - *** 1/2
Pulp Fiction - ****
Jackie Brown - ****
Kill Bill - ****


Hard Eight - *** 1/2
Boogie Nights - *** 1/2
Magnolia - ****
Punch-Drunk Love - ****


Bottle Rocket - ***
Rushmore - *** 1/2
The Royal Tenenbaums - ****


Pay It Forward - 0




Hard Eight: **1/2
Boogie Nights: ****
Magnolia: ***1/2
Punch-Drunk Love:  ****

Wes Anderson

Bottle Rocket: **1/2
Rushmore:  ****
The Royal Tenenbaums: ****

I'll continue it

Spike Jonze

Being John Malkovich: ***
Adaptation: ***1/2
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