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Started by Gold Trumpet, December 12, 2003, 06:21:54 PM

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Gold Trumpet

I honestly believe a good judge of personal taste for films today comes from how you measure Tarantino. He is the center to everything popular in movies today. Some people have his films as high art while others just don't care for them. Also, to rank by star rating is so easy for him because he hasn't made that many films and his films seems to have been analyzed and discussed to death where everyone knows where they stand with them. I'll go first:

Resevoir Dogs: ** 1/2
Pulp Fiction: *** 1/2
Jackie Brown: **
Kill Bill, Vol. 1: ** 1/2


Reservoir Dogs ** 1/2
Pulp Fiction ****
Jackie Brown ***
Kill Bill Vol 1 ****
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Reservoir Dogs ***
Pulp Fiction ****
Jackie Brown ** 1/2
Kill Bill Vol 1 ****


Resevoir Dogs ***
Pulp Fiction *** 1/2
Jackie Brown ***
Kill Bill ****

Dogs was good, but I dunno, not great. Fiction was of course good, but it's lost its weight over time. Jackie Brown was a good film, gets looked over way too much. I originally had it at 2 and a half stars, but no way Dogs is better than this.

Kill Bill just fucking floored me, it's Tarantino with the right amount of everything, a little heart, a little cool dialogue, energy, but it takes time to settle down as well. And it's just way too fucking fun.


r dogs - ***
pulp fiction- ****
jackie b - **
kill bill- **
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jackie brown is my favourite


Reservoir Dogs ***
Pulp Fiction ****
Jackie Brown ****
Kill Bill Vol 1 *** 1/2

Jeremy Blackman

I'd give all four of them ****


Reservoir Dogs = *** (Great debut; the script does so much with so little)
Pulp Fiction = ****
Jackie Brown = **** (I tied them because the are both his best films for different reasons. I think the editing and cinematography in "Jackie" is better, but I love the characters in "Pulp" slightly more. On any given day, for me, one is better than the other)
Kill Bill Vol. 1 = ** (Not near his other films; more style than substance)
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reservoir dogs: ***1/2

pulp fiction: ****

jackie brown: ****

Kill bill vol 1: ****

JB is my fave tho


dogs *
pulp *
jack *
killb *

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Reservoir Dogs - * * * *
Pulp Fiction - * * * *
Jackie Brown - * * * *
Kill Bill - * * * *
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reservoir dogs - ***1/2
pulp fiction - ****
jackie brown - ***
kill bill - ***


Reservoir Dogs - * * *
Pulp Fiction - * * * *
Jackie Brown - * * * *
Kill Bill - * * * *


Quote from: Brock LandersKill Bill Vol 1 *** 1/2

Make that a 4, I wasn't thinking straight. :oops: