Tarantino on Matrix and CGI

Started by brockly, September 25, 2003, 05:21:00 AM

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CGI will stay and be used in entertainment films, while film as an art will never rely on it. I don't see what the hell Quentin is talking about when he says "killing" the art form in ten years. Sometimes he just gets a little excited, it's nothing more.

I don't like CGI too much though...

Pastor Parsley

It just shows QT's ignorance.  Everything changes and evolves over time.  So what!  If you're an artist it doesn't matter the medium you use.  Van Gogh would have rocked with a box of crayons, if that's what he had to work with...he wouldn't have cried about it like a baby.


or he wouldve hacked something else off


Quote from: Pas RapportI don't see what the hell Quentin is talking about when he says "killing" the art form in ten years.
Ten years too far fetched? Look what's happened in five..

Quote from: Pastor Parsleyhe wouldn't have cried about it like a baby.
I missed something. When was Tarantino crying like a baby about this?


Tarantino is absolutely right in everything he says.  Ever.

Seriously.  Just THINK about what he's saying.  "Computer game bullshit"--the man is a legend!


CGI is an art form. Just because it requires a computer to render doesn't mean it takes any less effort or is any less creative. I would bet most that object to CGI have never tried creating even a simple model. It is extraordinarily hard. And in most cases take much longer than a simple drawing or painting ever would. CGI is just another element to a film and can in no way replace good old fashion camera techniques. This technology should be used in moderation but it certainly isn't the downfall to film.


it's ridiculous though, kill bill and the matrix were choreographed by the same guy; uma's kungfu is no better than Keanu's (Keanu had to learn like two weapons plus he did wushu long fist which is a little bit more demanding than the old school karate uma's doing), lucy liu didn't do anything as intricate as carrie ann moss; david carradine keeps on calling himself a hardcore but he's the biggest joke in the martial art world (his instructional tapes and seminars are all ran by other martial artists; he just talks between the sequences) and can't move for shit...etc.  Kill Bill is just shot with more style and cleverness than The Matrix, but you can't really call the moves in Kill Bill any more real, because they're just as ugly and ungraceful and martial artistically-challenged (everyone in Hollywood always wants to work with Yuen Wo-Ping but as a choreographer he's pretty much limited to one style and he's not as versatile as someone like Jackie Chan or Sammo who's hopped from genre to genre and setting to setting) as anything in The Matrix.  Use more real martial artists for god's sake.  James Cann woulda been a great Bill.  That guy's been studying for 20 years.
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the use of cgi in films has become entirely overused.  anyone remember what it was like going to a movie and seeing a cool shot and not being able to figure it out before cgi was all the rage?  i'm not bashing cgi as a tool and i'm not saying it shouldn't be used but as tarantino did point out, cgi is costly and at times it feels as though film-makers are too lazy to try to do any in camera f/x so they tack in a cgi shot.  hopefully kill bill won't suck, it looks great, but even if tarantion did use a couple of small cgi shots one has to admire him for at least trying to make the film experience a little more visceral by doing onset in the camera trick photography.
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