Hello to all you Lynch freaks!

Started by freakerdude, September 01, 2003, 04:15:08 AM

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I am a huge Lynch-a-holic and it looks like there is a fair amount of activity going on here.

My short list of favs

Blue Velvet
Mulholland Drive
Twin Peaks/ Fire WWM
Eraserhead - a nightmare than nobody is mentally capable of IMO

When in  the heck is WAH going to be out on DVD? I read that he and a large production company are working on it and I think it will be about another year or less. Anyone have a clue? My VHS tape bought on Ebay really sucks and I am fairly sure it was a Blockbuster rental @ one time.

MC Pee Pants


You're in good company; Lynch-talk occurs pretty frequently and sometimes heatedly (see threads on Mulholland Drive). Check the Wild At Heart thread in this forum for more info on the DVD. Nice avatar.

Lucinda Bryte


olá. Any Lynch fan is welcome...... heck, everybody who loves "da movies" is welcome..... heck.....anybody is welcome...... heck, I'm gonna go and eat something