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Started by AlguienEstolamiPantalones, July 19, 2003, 08:01:46 AM

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I smell a trend.................or is it that i smell that  damn dirty greek guy next to me here at the internet cafe, who is looking at bulgarian porn

anyways now that kill bill will be split in two , hollywood will jump on this idea

for example, because of godfather two we wound up with films like rocky five

which by the way , if your gonna use rap music why use C and C music factory style rap in your movie, it just killed rocky five all to shit

couldnt they have asked like  King Tee or even Kwame to do the music , but i digress

if kill bill works this way, other films will do this and that may be a good thing but it also may be a bad thing

now if this topic has already been brought up, bare in mind that i am much too busy to weed through posts and i bet none of the other posts made mention of kwame the polka dotted late 80's rapper

phil marlowe