Wild At Heart

Started by bonanzataz, June 27, 2003, 04:14:14 PM

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Thank you for bumping this thread. I think this is one of Lynch most unappreciated films and one which deserves a lot more discussion. My thoughts on the Wizard of Oz references is that they're a representation of the conflict of innocence and experience which is present in most if not all of Lynch's films. Here, it's shown that Sailor and Lula indulge in very graphic and pleasurable sex, yet they are still innocent in terms of their world view - they believe they are in a fairy tale fleeing the wicked witch. I think that the mash up of musical styles reflects this too: they love both classical music and Rammstein and both are equally beautiful to them. (Remember too, that Lynch is a big fan of duality and that Wizard of Oz has lots of mirroring and doubling with actors placing dual roles and the two worlds in color and b&w).

I also believe that the consistent references to Christmas are to do something similar. As kids, Christmas is something associated with hope and promise, but in Wild At Heart everything associated with it is sleazy and evil: Marcelles Santos, Mr. Reindeer... Even the anecdote Lula tells of her cousin Dell is centered around Christmas as something which is rooted in childhood innocence but which ultimately take a much darker turn.
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very cool. thanks for discussing. after reading your comments I rewatched and I discovered some things. like how the exchanges between Dern and Cage in their hotel rooms, in bed, discussing their lives over cigarettes are some of my favorite in the film. I found their post-sex chit chat to be a real anchor in a film with so much frenzy. Not just the dialouge which is great, but also the way those scenes move along. For instance the one that's shot to have us believe that Sailor and Lula are lying side by side, only to cut to an over head shot revealing they're actually lying opposite one another with their legs intertwined. It was such a simple thing, but I thought that was a very human touch and in a weird way it made me believe those characters and their love. Which was refreshing to see, when so many of Lynch's characters can be so animated and surreal. For me it was a perfect way for Lynch to harbor that innocence you mentioned without compromising any intensity.

This truly is one of his best.


has anybody been going to the lynch screenings at the new beverly? this saturday at midnight, wild at heart will be screening in 35mm for any inclined. the only one i got to catch was FWWM, so glad i did. definitely not gonna make WaH, but maybe one of you can for me.

plus if you go the new beverly and sit towards the front, you'll likely get to hang out with clu gulager, which, fuck, if that's not enticing, i don't know what is.
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