kill bill screen play and expectations?

Started by abbey road, May 19, 2003, 03:31:37 PM

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abbey road

if you go to the unofical kill bill website, whihc is easy to find if u put in a search, u can find the entire script, and in my opinion its great-- to pulp fiction, but what is.

------i couldnt get the poll thing to work correctly, but
What are your expectations of KILL BILL?
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I want so bad for this film to fucking rock

bvut the trailer kind of threw me , it wasnt what i was seeing in my mind

the main thing is her suit i was thinking it was gonna be skin tight and bad ass

but it looks baggy on her and makes her look like she is wearing somebody elses clothes

it takes away from her cool

and well i just hope he says fuck it to everybody and he makes the film he wants to see

because tahts the one i want to see

but the fact that they skipped cannes worrys me


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the script looks wild.  tarentino had some fun.  i don't think we can expect anything serious... just tarentino letting loose. fun fun fun and more fun  :-D   maybe thats why it missed cannes...more enjoyable madness than anything? my impression
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